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SAT is a test developed and utilized by College Board to assess how well a student is prepared for college. Launched in 1926, its effective and reliable assessment has gained unbeatable recognition across globe. SAT has led millions of students to step into college and taste academic success. SAT test pattern comprises of three main sections namely critical reading, writing and mathematics, with each of these sections having a score scale of 200-800. It can be noticed that two of these sections are related to testing the vocabulary and language skills of the candidates. Hence, a major chunk of questions are on SAT vocabulary words.

Critical Reading:

Critical reading is of two 25 minute sections and one 20 minute section. This section of the SAT test fundamentally consists of reading passages and sentence completion questions. Tips for the reading section are available at


The writing part has two 25 minute sections and one 10 minute section. This segment contains essay-writing, error identification and questions on improving sentences and paragraphs. Tips for the writing section are available at

Evidently, it is vital that much concentration and practice is put in these areas. Let us now discuss various links to best SAT wordlists that help in building the SAT vocabulary words.

Best SAT Wordlists:

This site has around thousand words and thus plays a major role in improving the vocabulary skills. This page has two columns – Word lists and word focus.

The first column directs us to which has ten SAT wordlist files in pdf format, each containing hundred wordlists. There are also ten other wordlist online sections with words from the official SAT study guide, thus making this site reliable for SAT vocabulary words.

The second column leads us to and takes pride that this page is for advanced vocabulary building. This site also declares that it uses four techniques designed systematically to improve your SAT vocabulary words. It exercises a unique strategy of teaching words in groups and not mere wordlists, thus giving a strong scope to tremendously improve vocabulary in a short span of time. Samples on word associations, synonym sets, word roots and subject-related words etc are given in this site, thus teaching valuable tips in learning SAT vocabulary words effectively. The ‘Word Focus’ book can also be ordered online if required.

Another important portion of to examine the vocabulary skills acquired is It has four word association tests, five tests on synonym sets and two tests on word roots.

This website has 5000 SAT vocabulary words and assures improvement to a great extent. According to this site, these 5000 vocabulary words are also available on audio CDs which could be ordered online.

With around 100 top SAT words, this is a simple yet useful site as it displays definitions and descriptions for the listed SAT vocabulary words in a neat manner. The word lists can be arranged in ascending or descending order and can also be sorted from easy to hard, hard to easy etc for efficient learning and monitoring your progress.

Having a simple look, this site showcases effortless learning by just grouping words based on the alphabets with which they begin. Thus, learning SAT vocabulary words beginning with each alphabet is just a click away!

It can hence be inferred that quite a number of useful resources are available online for efficient building of SAT vocabulary words. Acquiring vocabulary skills to a large extent not only helps with SAT but also in various walks of life where communication is of utmost importance. Therefore, students are advised to develop their vocabulary as much as possible with best utilization all these resources.

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