SAT Vocabulary Quiz

SAT Vocabulary Quiz – An Excellent Tool to Improve your SAT Vocab

The SAT is one of the most significant examinations for those students who are trying to obtain admission in colleges that are located in the United States. The examination comprises of three sections that includes Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The Critical Reading section is vital as it intends to test the vocabulary of the students. In this section, the students have to deal with Sentence Completion Questions in which the sentences with blanks are supposed to be filled with the apt word. In order to find the perfect word for completing a sentence, the students must have good vocabulary and know the exact meaning of the words. Therefore, a poor vocabulary can result in low scores even if a student has scored well in the other sections. In other words, for attaining good scores in the Critical Reading section, it is necessary for a student to acquire the necessary expertise in vocabulary through SAT vocabulary quiz, which is considered the most useful method in improving vocabulary. The Critical Reading section consists of many questions related to reading passages and sentence completions. The sentence completions intend to verify the knowledge of vocabulary that a student has in which they are supposed to choose between two words that is most suitable for the completion of a sentence. The SAT will necessarily test the skills and the knowledge that a student has acquired in school and it may be tough to crack the Critical Reading section if a student has not taken SAT vocabulary quiz as part of preparations.

Significance of Honing Vocabulary Skills

The vocabulary is perhaps the trickiest part of the Critical Reading section and for tackling this category the students are required to have a good knowledge of vocabulary. There are several online courses that offer SAT vocabulary quiz and those students who are not strong in this area should consider this the best way to enhance their skills. Moreover, having a good knowledge of vocabulary will also help the students to crack the Critical Reading section of PSAT and get the opportunity to enter the merit scholarship programs, cosponsored by the College Board. In short, vocabulary is the most formidable portion of Critical Reading section and if the students are able to master their knowledge in vocabulary, they will probably have good scores in the examination.

Techniques of Attaining Expertise in Vocabulary

In addition to the SAT vocabulary quiz, there are other ways in which the students can try to improve their vocabulary. The best ways to increase the knowledge of words or vocabulary is to understand the meaning and application of those words and then take the practice tests or the SAT vocabulary quiz.Basically, there can be several meanings of the same word and this is what the students need to understand before using a set of words for completion of sentences. This technique of delving deep into the meaning of the word will allow the students to have better confidence in tackling the Critical Reading section and also teach them some of the most effective applications of a particular word. There is another way in which the students can try to work on their knowledge of vocabulary. The students who are appearing for SAT can try to test their knowledge everyday on the words that they have learnt on the previous day. In this way, they will be able to retain a large number of words and their meaning. Thereafter, they can try to apply the same word in different sentences and try to understand their usage.


The SAT vocabulary quiz is available online and the students should try to take as many practice tests as possible and they will be able to determine whether they have actually grasped the words and their meaning. Without considering the SAT vocabulary quiz, it can get a little too boring to just learn the words and the students are most likely to forget those words that they have learnt. If a student realises that his/her knowledge of vocabulary is not strong then it is time may be that he/she should continue taking the practice tests to enhance their skills of vocabulary. The Online Practice Tests that are offered by are also useful and helps the students to prepare well in getting good scores in the examination.

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