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Whoever said that learning needs to be serious business never knew how wrong he could be, given the number of games, fun software and interactive methods of learning available for students today. Especially if it is vocabulary practice that the test taker is looking at, then the internet is nothing short of a boon for SAT vocabulary prep. A number of ways are available to improve the vocabulary of a candidate. SAT vocabulary games, applications, vocabulary software, podcasts, flashcards and interactive videos are amongst the hundreds of ways to help correct, learn and improve the English vocabulary. The operative word here is fun, so that learning does not become a dull and boring practice in the candidate’s learning schedule. Books and practice tests are not the only way to learn vocabulary and what lies ahead is an example of how you can make learning a fun experience with SAT vocabulary games, applications, software and videos.


Who doesn’t love games? We all do, and when it is combined with learning you get double of your time’s worth, in terms of relaxation, entertainment and learning. SAT vocabulary games generally make the candidate practise word usages, spellings, meanings, sentence correction and so on with the help of quizzes, timed tests, bright coloured interactive puzzles and many such fun ways. Apple has a host of such SAT vocabulary games in its iTunes library and savvy candidates can download them for free or for a minimal price. One such game is the ‘Vocab Bomb’ prepared by Prep Press, which has quizzes and a bomb fuse attached to each question which explodes in response to the answer or the time limit. It has a number of words and definitions in it for candidates to play and learn with. These SAT vocabulary games are available at . Other SAT vocabulary games are available at the UN funded World Food Program website where for every correct answer the candidate gets to win few grains of rice and feed hungry people all over the world. Play this game at . Vocab Test has a website which is highly interactive in nature and has colour coded boxes for candidates to select their levels and play games from. With background sounds and explanations as well, this makes for an extremely fun way to learn. Play these SAT vocabulary games along with those at Quiz Tree at and

Applications and Software

Today’s media and tech-friendly students need more than just text-book learning. Possessing the latest mobiles, laptops and multimedia gadgets, these students have paved way for prep companies to come up with applications and software for learning and test prep. Sheppard Software is one such name that makes learning fun. Offering a host of interactive SAT vocabulary games software, flashcard maker software and practice test software, Sheppard Software takes care of students ranging from junior school to those well into college, using animated characters and friendly and fun sounds as part of their games. Have a look at their offerings at . When it comes to software and apps, how can Apple Inc. ever stay behind? Candidates can download a host of learning apps and software at and Prepared respectively by Prestige Learning LLC and the Princeton Review these two apps are a sure hit with students wanting to utilise their iPods and phones for purposes other than just entertainment.


A great fun way of learning on the move is via interactive videos or podcasts. Informational audio files on words, their usages, proverbs, antonyms and so on are fast gaining popularity with students who don’t want to waste even a minute of their prep time and want to learn even when they are travelling to school etc. Such software enables candidates to understand pronunciation and word usage much better because of its auditory nature. You can download and listen to these podcasts at the following websites and

Flashcards and Videos

Last but not the least, visuals are a great way to enhance the memory and build your word power. Vocab Videos has taken humorous videos and used instances in these to describe words and their usages. They also offer SAT vocabulary games, flashcards and interactive games on their website. Funny videos do add an extra fun element to the learning process. Watch these at and make your own flash cards with the help of Using animated characters in videos to explain word meaning and phrases and word usages is what Vocab Ahead is doing to facilitate vocabulary learning for candidates. Their interactive website offers a host of activities for candidates at .

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