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An extensive vocabulary is an asset, especially if you are going to take the SAT. Unlike time and space, vocabulary cannot be measured. Even if you have a strong vocabulary, you should work towards learning new words. Not only would it improve your vocabulary, it would also help you for the SAT test. However, if you are not confident about your knowledge of words you would have to work towards building your vocabulary. A good SAT vocabulary book can help you in improving your vocabulary skills in many ways. There are many books available today that allow you to learn new words in an interesting way.

  • SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section:

    SAT Practice is a popularSAT vocabulary bookthat covers all aspects of vocabulary, reading comprehension, usage and grammar required for the Reading and Writing Sections of the SAT test. SAT Practice presents a highly concentrated vocabulary in a clever story to help you remember the context of the words. Each chapter also contains a glossary of the words to be learnt. The book aims to teach the words together with their usage. The content is presented in a creative way and succeeds in sustaining the interest of the reader. It also contains:

    - Comprehension quizzes
    - Language analysis
    - Practice worksheets
    - Writing projects
    - Grammar examples
  • Picture These SAT Words:

    Picture These SAT Words from Barron's Educational Series, is an effective SAT vocabulary book which takes an innovative approach to teach words. The book uses illustrations and sophisticated cartoons to present a word visually and augments it with sample sentences and mnemonics. The book, ideal for high school students, contains:

    - 300 words frequently used in the SAT test
    - Each word with unique illustration and definition
    - Puns used liberally to emphasize on the meaning of the words
    - A humorous passage at the end of every 12 words to better explain the context of the words
    - Sentence completion exercises
  • Word Smart:

    Word Smart is a 400-page SAT vocabulary book from Princeton Review that focuses on words that is a must for a reader to know. The list of words in the book has been picked from classics, newspapers, financial journals, world-class magazines and bestseller books. It focuses more on the words that most people do not know and misunderstand or use out of context. This SAT vocabulary book also contains words frequently used in standardized tests such as SAT that can help you to score higher. It also contains:

    -Most commonly made usage mistakes
    -Words most frequently tested on the SAT test
    -Phrases derived from foreign languages
    -Scientific, financial and computer abbreviations

A SAT vocabulary book is limited in terms of the number of pages and therefore cannot contain an infinite number of words. Thus, you too should not rely solely on a book and limit yourself. To enhance your vocabulary you should practice the following:

- Read as much as you can. Try to read the newspaper or journals regularly. Reading is the best method to learn new words and their context.
- Make a vocabulary list and review it from time to time.
- Look up new words that you come across. As you may not carry a dictionary with you all the time, try to make a note of the word when you encounter it and look it up later. A good way to learn new words is to   associate it with a familiar synonym. That way you will remember the word.
- Subscribe to an online dictionary site that will send you a word on a daily basis.

A SAT vocabulary book is a great start to enhance your vocabulary. A good book combined with a little extra effort can help you to improve your vocabulary and score high in the SAT test.

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