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10 Reasons Why a Good Vocabulary is Important for SAT

SAT is a recognized test all over the world for admissions to top universities in the US. It is a benchmark to judge students on their abilities and interests. It tests students in areas of critical reading, math and writing. Apart from this, there are also the SAT subject tests in the areas of history, math, science, literature and language. These tests are useful for students in displaying their interests in particular domains.

SAT vocab plays an important role in this test. It will help you score well not only in the critical reading section but also in the writing section. The pattern of SAT was revised in 2005 and verbal analogies were eliminated from the test. This created a perception that SAT vocab isn’t important anymore, however this isn’t the case. Here are 10 reasons why SAT vocab is still relevant to preparation-

  • Sentence Completion

    This forms half of critical reading section with a scoring range of 100-400. This clearly means that you need to pay some attention to it. The creators of SAT believe that this section tests your vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structure.

    It is quite clear that the better your vocabulary, the better you comprehend the sentences. You will find it much easier to complete the sentence if you have a good arsenal of words in your mind.

  • Reading Comprehension

    This will be the other half of your critical reading section, which again means a score of 100-400. Although this section doesn’t depend entirely on vocabulary, it will be beneficial if you have good SAT vocab. Your reading speed will increase and understanding will not take much time. This will improve your overall speed and score.

  • Writing Section

    This section will essentially test your ability to use the English language and to reflect your ideas logically and fluently in your essays. This section’s score ranges from 200 to 800. Once again, you have to get back to your store house of words to present an effective picture in your essay. Research over the years has shown that most of the students who did well in the reading section scored well on the writing section as well. This should only mean that they have a good vocabulary and hence they find it easy to put their ideas down in writing. This section requires you to present ideas in a simple language and easy to understand structure. You can only hope to achieve the highest score in this section by having thorough knowledge of words.

  • Subject Tests

    As explained above they play an important role in your college application. If you are attempting the subject tests in domains related to history or literature, you will be better off having a sound knowledge of SAT vocab. This is because it will help you in the same way as in the reading comprehension questions i.e. you can understand better and draw conclusions easily.

  • Interests

    If you are interested to apply to a department of arts or literature or history, you should know that the university will consider your score in critical reading and writing much more seriously than your score in math. They might also ask for additional subject test scores in literature or history. Good knowledge of vocabulary is essential in these cases, not only for SAT but also when you start college. It will take you a long way if you are equipped with good vocabulary at this early stage.

  • Application

    When the university admission councils scrutinize your application they will pay a lot of attention to detail. While some colleges consider math to be important, others consider critical reading. The writing section isn’t considered important by some universities because they don’t take it as a measure of the student’s ability. However, this may change in the future. Good preparation in SAT vocab will help to score well in reading and writing sections and in turn help you to project a good application.

  • Easier to Prepare

    Before 2005 word analogies and antonyms formed an integral part of SAT but now it has become easier to deal with SAT vocab. This is because now, word analogies are not asked directly and so you only need SAT vocab to deal with sections mentioned above. This should reduce your preparation time considerably.

  • Tougher Questions

    Most people who prepare for SAT don’t work on SAT vocab. As a result of this, they tend to answer easy questions but get stuck on difficult ones only because they can’t interpret the passage or a certain grammatical confusion. These tough questions can give you an edge over most of your competitors, so never underestimate the importance of practicing SAT vocab.

  • Limited Time

    Remember that no matter how many words you prepare, there is still a chance that you will see a word in the test that you don’t know. This means that you have to spend a fixed and limited time on your SAT vocab preparation and most of your time should be spent on practicing test strategies relevant to the pattern of SAT.

  • Extra Points

    You might wonder if these little extra points here and there are so important. What you should know is, they make all the difference between a good score and a great score and eventually they will affect your admission. So why take chances when you have the time to get a great score?

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