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The SAT exam needs to be taken seriously. It is in the interest of students to prepare for the exam well, which is the only way of getting a good score in SAT, and it is no secret as to how beneficial a good SAT score can be. Thus, it is not advisable to take the SAT lightly. One must strive to do his best and gain a good score in SAT.

When it comes to looking into the factors that help in getting a good score in SAT, the importance of preparation cannot be ignored. It has been observed that good preparation for the test can help in rising the SAT score to a great extent. Thus before taking the test, students should device the preparation strategies that suit them and can help in bringing out their best.

However, it is also true that studying for SAT is not an easy task. For this reason there are a number of means to help you in preparing for the test. SAT tutoring is one such mean.

A SAT tutorial is a period of teaching at a private place that involves a discussion between a student or a small group of students interested to prepare for SAT and a tutor. SAT tutoring is one of the best ways of preparing for SAT.

Features Of SAT Tutoring

SAT tutoring is an interaction between the teacher and the taught. However, it is not the same as a class. Unlike a class, SAT tutoring is a means of teaching either an individual student or a small group of students.

The idea behind conducting a SAT tutorial is to give personal attention to the needs of students. Since SAT tutorial is based on a one-to-one interaction between the tutor and the student, the tutor can completely understand the student, his capabilities, his strength, his weaknesses and mistakes. Thus, the tutor can give personal guidance to the student according to his capabilities. The student is also encouraged to participate since he is the sole object of attention of the tutor.

SAT tutoring can be carried out in a private place. It could be a home, or a compound like a private office, or a park etc. The time and schedule of such tutorials can also be changed as per convenience.

Students with a slow grasping power benefit from the SAT tutorial. The SAT tutorial is carried out at a personal level. Thus, the pace of teaching-learning process can be controlled in it. The tutor can proceed teaching slow or fast according to slow or fast learners.

SAT tutoring is a comparatively expensive means of preparation. Private tutors charge a huge fee for their services. Since the fee of the tutor has to be shelled out by the student himself, it could prove to be an expensive matter.

Types Of SAT Tutoring

SAT tutorial can be identified as home SAT tutoring. Home tutorials are the most common form of SAT tutoring since the most private and comfortable place to conduct such tutorials are the confines of a home. There is no other place better than a home to carry out such tutorials.

Home SAT tutoring is conducted at home since it is one of the unrestricted areas where the tutorial can be carried out without any worry. Apart from home SAT tutoring, tutorials can be held in a private office, park, library etc. However, in such places one may require permission from the authorities or may even require to pay some rent to use the premises. Moreover, since such a place is not exclusively for SAT tutoring, there can be unwanted disturbance and botheration from various sources. That is why home SAT tutoring is more successful and popular than any other form of tutorials.

In home SAT tutoring, some area of the home, say a study room etc, can be separated for the tutorial. Thus, no extra cost of paying for the place is added to the already mounting expenditure of SAT tutorials. Home SAT tutoring also brings an environment and spirit of preparation for the exam into the house. Thus, the student is motivated and focused on preparing for the test.

Tutorials can be of two types. SAT tutorials are classified as private or individual tutorials and group tutorials.

Individual SAT Tutorials

When only one student is taught by a tutor, it is called individual tutorial. This form of tutorial is a typical SAT private tutorial. In this, the student becomes the center of the teaching-learning process. The tutor concentrates completely on one student in order to sharpen his skills and remove his difficulties.

Group Tutorials

When a few students come together to form a group to be taught by one tutor, it is called group tutorial. This type of SAT tutoring is more practical. It is possible that some friends interested in preparing for the SAT get together to form a small group. The tutor can give enough attention to the needs of each one of them since there are not too many students and all are studying the same things. Thus, the element of private tutoring is kept intact by each student getting the attention of the tutor. Moreover, this type of SAT tutoring brings in the spirit of interaction and competition amongst peers, which is lacking in individual tutorials. With the competitive spirit, the students get motivated to do better and prove their worth.

Group tutorials also have a benefit over individual tutorial by being cost-efficient. Here the fee to be given to the tutor is shared amongst the group of students which makes it a better and more practical option.

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