Tutor Options for SAT

Which is the Best SAT Tutor?

Joining a SAT tuitions can help you in the preparation for the SAT test. There are many reputed and renowned tutors of SAT available and it is up to you to decide which one can benefit you the most. It is advisable that you visit the tutors and find out as much as you can about the course content, instructors, expected classroom size and other offerings exclusive to the tutor. Then make a comparison among the ones shortlisted by you. Take into consideration other issues such as travel time, money back guarantees, duration of the course, etc so that you can decide better. Some of the most popular coaching options of SAT that you might want to consider are as follows:

Sylvan Learning (www.sylvanlearning.com)

Sylvan Learning is a popular and renowned option based in the US and provides in-person and online tutoring to students of all ages. They have a strong focus on reading, writing and Mathematics.

- SAT Course: The SAT course from Sylvan Learning includes:
    • 30 hours of instruction
    • Personalized instruction in a small group setting
    • Focus on the selected topics
    • 3 timed full-length SAT practice tests
- Tutoring: For interested candidates, private tutoring is also available. Specialized tutoring in certain subject areas is also provided.

TestMasters (www.testmasters.com)

Testmasters is another reputed tutor that offers various options for SAT preparation. Testmasters offer the following SAT courses:

- SAT Classroom Course: This full-length test course consists of :
    • 12 sessions of 3-4 hours each spanning over 5 weeks
    • 1200 pages of course materials
    • 3 Full-length SAT Practice tests
- SAT Private Course: This course is conducted on a one-on-one basis in person or online according to the preference of the candidate. It is similar to the full-length Classroom Course in terms of materials and duration.
- SAT Custom Course: The course has the same duration and materials as those of the Classroom course. The schedule and location can be chosen by the students. A minimum class size of 10 is required for this course.
- SAT Online Course: The course has the same contents as the Classroom Course does and is conducted completely online.

PowerScore (www.powerscore.com)

PowerScore is a renowned option that provides many preparation courses. The SAT courses from PowerScore emphasize strongly on the concepts required for the test. PowerScore has a unique program to make the test preparation entertaining so as to keep the candidate interested in the study. PowerScore offers the following as part of SAT preparation:

- Full-length Classroom SAT Prep: The salient features of the course are:
    • 40-hour course with 24 hours of live instruction sessions
    • Regular review sessions
    • 4 Real SAT Practice Tests
    • After hours help with home study
    • Covers fundamentals, strategies and shortcuts extensively
    • Access to online student center
- Live Online: The main features are:
    • 18 hours of live interactive sessions
    • Extensive personal attention provided
    • Over 1400 pages of materials
    • Practice with real test questions
    • 24/7 access to the course
- Weekend SAT Course: The course offers:
    • 12 hours of live instructions
    • Practice with real test questions
    • Short course duration of one weekend
    • Access to online student center
- Tutoring: Private tutoring options for those interested are also available from PowerScore.

Choosing the right tutor for SAT also depends on how you prefer to study. If sitting in a classroom full of other students distracts you, then you might want to look at some of the customized courses or try private tutoring. However, no matter what course you choose you will require putting in efforts and devoting some hours to home study so that you can get the maximum benefit out of the test tutor.