SAT Testing Schedule And Test Dates


The SAT exam contains two parts. The first part is SAT Reasoning test or SAT I. It is a mandatory test if you are appearing for the SAT. The second part is SAT Subject Test or SAT II. The SAT II test is optional. It is a test of a particular subject of your choice. SAT II test is offered for various subjects like History, Mathematics, Languages, Science etc. For some of the universities it is mandatory to take SAT II test for a particular subject that you had taken for graduation. SAT II test schedule for the year 2008 is as under:

You will notice from the above chart that on 1 March 08, the SAT II is not offered. You can find out the complete information about the SAT testing schedule and test dates from the web site As per the rules of the SAT II schedule, one can take at most three SAT subject tests on one day. The SAT II subject tests are of one hour each. One must also keep in mind that SAT I and SAT II tests can not be taken on the same day. As per the SAT II schedule you can take the test on Sunday if you cannot take it on Saturday due to some reason.

The official web site of SAT ( gives you the complete details about the different subject tests that are offered. SAT testing schedule and test dates explains about which subject tests are offered on the test dates given in SAT II schedule. You will find that not all the subject tests are offered on every testing date. One should be careful of this fact while planning his attempt. The Language Tests of SAT II are conducted only in the month of November and at selected test centers. Therefore, if you wish to give the listening test then you should first enquire from the test center of your choice.

The SAT organizers follow strict rules regarding the SAT testing schedule & test dates. You must read and understand all these rules before appearing for the exam. Except the listening test, you can change the SAT subjects chosen for the test anytime before the exam. You can even change the subjects on the day of exam. You can either substitute or add a test. It is always better to be familiar with rules and regulations of SAT II schedule. This way you will be more confident on the day of exam.

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