Standby Testing for the SAT

If you have not been able to register for the SAT within its late registration deadline, then you can avail the facility of standby testing. For this, you will have to report to the SAT testing location on the day of the SAT test. It is not necessary that merely reaching the SAT testing location on time can ensure that you will be able to take the SAT. Your taking the SAT on a desired SAT test date at a SAT testing location of your choice is subject to availability of a seat in that particular SAT testing location. This method for taking the SAT is known as standby testing. You should not bank on standby testing for taking the SAT as it is not certain that you will be able to take the SAT even if you reach the SAT testing location on time. You may take the SAT only if the SAT testing location has sufficient space, testing materials and staff to accommodate you in addition to the candidates who have already been registered to take the test in that SAT testing location.

You can refer to the official web site of SAT, for more details on the documents to be carried and the fees to be paid for standby testing. You will also get information related to the countries where the facility of standby testing is not available. Another thing to be kept in mind is that you cannot call up the SAT testing locations directly for information related to standby testing. You will have to get all your doubts clarified from the SAT program customer service which can be contacted through the links given in the official web site. The phone numbers of the SAT program customer service are also listed on the official web site.

Change of SAT Testing Location

You can talk to the SAT program customer service for changing your SAT testing location. However, you are required to contact the customer service before the Wednesday that falls two and a half weeks before the SAT test date for which either the SAT test date itself or the SAT testing location has to be changed. You will be charged additional fees for making these changes with respect to your registration for the SAT.
The official web site provides you with the details of the timings at which the customer service personnel can be contacted.
Sometimes, the SAT testing locations are closed due to inclement weather, natural disaster, power failure, or other problems. In such a case, information related to the closing of the SAT testing locations and alternate SAT testing location information is posted on the official web site. There are various policies that determine the conduct of SAT at an alternate SAT testing location. More details regarding the make-up testing can be obtained from the official web site.

Therefore, after you have registered yourself for the SAT, you should keep checking the official web site for any latest information related to your SAT testing location or SAT testing date.

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