SAT Testing Dates

When should you take the test?

SAT testing dates:

The SAT exam comprises the general SAT test which includes three major sections: Critical Reading, Math and Writing section. Moreover, SAT Subject Tests assess students in twenty subject areas. They are World History, U.S. History, Literature, Math level 1, Math level 2, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Spanish, etc. ( SAT tests general ability of students to read and to comprehend through its reading section, ability to write correct English through its writing section, and reasoning ability through its math section. While, SAT Subject Tests measure the specific knowledge of students in different subjects, the concepts of which they have learnt during their High school academic program. The SAT test occurs several times in a year (seven times in United States and six times in other countries) and SAT Subject Tests are offered six times round the year. One can access test dates by logging on to the official website of SAT the SAT testing dates are known, a student can then choose a test date according to the availability and according to one’s convenience to take the test. The same occurs with SAT Subject Tests. One can either choose subjects oneself for test or as specified by the college of one’s choice. Colleges recommend students to take subject tests as the marks scored by students act as relevant guide to suggest students to opt for specific courses at college level. A test taker has to first choose subjects of one’s choice and then find out the specific dates on which one can take those subjects’ test. The next step is to register for those subjects and pay fees. Registration can be done either online at the official SAT website or by phone or by mail. The official website of SAT holds SAT testing dates and SAT Subject Tests both in United States and in other countries. To access this information one can log on to the webpage and click on the tab ‘See all U.S and international registration dates’. A factor which affects decision to decide the SAT testing dates is SAT testing center. Once a student has chosen the SAT testing date, one would try to find out the most convenient test center at one’s city in one’s own country. A student has to search the places where SAT testing facilities are available. With a single click, one can access a comprehensive list of places with their respective test codes. If one finds a place convenient to take the test, then can one select that SAT testing date to take SAT test.

When to take SAT test?

Most of the students prefer to take SAT test either at the end of first year of their High school or at the beginning of their final year. Thus, majority of students take SAT test twice. These are the most appropriate preparation periods as the concepts of subjects like World History, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, etc which have been already taught during High school remain in mind, and which help students to prepare conveniently for these subjects which are asked in the exam.

Availability of SAT testing dates:

SAT and SAT Subject Tests are scheduled to take place on November 5, December 3, January 28, March 10, May 5, and June 2. If students from United States and also from other countries want to register for the test, they can log on to the webpage Students can access test dates on which SAT and SAT subject tests are scheduled, and when to apply for the test, the fees applicable and also the late fees to be deposited.SAT test organizers provide students with the facility to take test on Sundays if students object taking test on Saturdays owing to religious importance. SAT tests cannot be taken both on Saturday and Sunday. International students can register for the test either online/ by phone/ by mail/ by international representatives. International representatives provide various services to students who belong to countries other than United States. They aid students by providing them information regarding registration in their (students) own language, by helping them in the test registration process, by recruitment and management of test centers, and by fee collection.

Last but not the least, students prepare for the SAT exam with full planning such as planning for study materials, planning for coaching classes, planning for the paramount online courses and many other options. However, this is not enough. One has to decide the SAT testing dates and SAT subjects test dates as well according to the availability of subjects on a particular date and also according to one’s convenience to take the test.

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