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SAT Testing Pattern

SAT testing is done seven times in a year. It is classified into SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject-based Test. The SAT Reasoning Test is designed to assess the thinking and reasoning capabilities of a student. The SAT Subject-based test tests the knowledge in a particular subject for admission into specific courses.

SAT Reasoning Test

SAT testing generally refers to the SAT Reasoning test. It is a test of 3 hours and 45 minutes and is divided into three sections: Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Along with these sections, there is an experimental section, which can be similar to any other section. However this section is not scored. Thus you will get a score for Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics separately, but you will not get a score for the experimental section. All the three sections receive a score on the scale of 200 to 800.

All the three sections are further divided into 3 parts. The Critical Reading section is a 70 minutes test, with the sub-sections of 25, 25 and 20 minutes each. It comprises of multiple-choice questions on sentence completion and reading comprehension. This section is also called the verbal section as it tests your verbal skills. You are tested for your understanding and language.

Writing section is again divided into 3 parts of 25, 25 and 10 minutes respectively. In this section along with multiple-choice questions, you have essay-writing question. Your abilities to express your thought process and your language skills are judged in this section.

The third section is the mathematics section. You have multiple-choice questions and student generated responses in this section. This also has three sub sections out of which two are of 25 minutes and one is of 20 minutes. All the mathematical subject areas including algebra and functions, geometry, probability, statistics etc are tested.

SAT Subject-based Test

SAT Subject-based test is an hour-long test. It generally has multiple-choice questions. Some colleges take the score in SAT Subject-based test as one of the criteria of admission in courses like Medicine and Engineering. It tests subjects like history, language, literature, chemistry, biology etc.

Testing is one of the effective means of assessment in today's date. SAT testing helps to evaluate the performance of many on a common scale. As is the value of higher education, so should be the value of the testing methods also. The level of competition should match up to the level of studies. SAT proves to be one such test that maintains its level as well as all around acceptability.

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