SAT Test Vocabulary Words

7 Invaluable SAT Vocabulary Sources

SAT test is widely taken by students all over the world for securing admission in the top colleges of United States. The scores obtained by the students in this test help the colleges to determine whether they are ready to pursue higher studies. The SAT primarily tests the students on the knowledge and skills that they have acquired in high school. Most of the students take this exam during the spring of junior year or the fall of senior year. The test comprises of three sections:

  • Critical Reading: Includes questions on reading comprehension and sentence completion
  • Writing: Includes a short essay and multiple choice questions on error identification and proper usage of grammar
  • Mathematics: Questions on algebra, geometry, statistics and probability are intended to test the quantitative skills of the students.

The sentence completion questions that are included in the Critical Reading section, test the skills of vocabulary. In these questions, the students are required to complete sentences by using the most suitable words. Thorough knowledge of vocabulary words of SAT is necessary therefore for attempting the questions on sentence completion.

Review of SAT Vocabulary Lists Available Online

There are several vocabulary lists that are available online and the students can try to test their vocabulary skills through these online resources:

  • Wordsmyth SAT Dictionary ( This is an online resource of words of SAT. It has been created on the basis of a study of those words that have been used in the SAT tests during the last ten years.

  • Hard Crosswords: This one is offered by Abacus Educational Services ( and consists of SAT vocabulary crosswords. The students can also take advantage of SAT vocabulary quiz, vocabulary lists and books on vocabulary through this online resource.

  • SAT words are also offered by In this website, the students will be able to get access to vocabulary workshops, books and games.

  • The SAT aspirants can try to grasp as many as 5000 words also available in audio CDs through

  • The SAT Vocabulary Builder offered by consists of huge lists of SAT vocabulary as flash cards. The website carries out constant modifications on the basis of the suggestions offered by the readers.

  • The students can also master their knowledge of SAT vocabulary through SAT quizzes offered by

  • A good knowledge of words can help the students feel more confident while attempting the sentence completion questions. SAT vocabulary tests along with SAT words that are available as flashcards and offered by for the students who are appearing for the test.

  • SAT wordlists and vocabulary tests are also offered by . There are as many ten word lists and each of them contain hundred words that assist in trouble-free learning for the children.

Learning and Improving Vocabulary for SAT

There are some students who do not pay much attention to the meaning of the words that they are learning for SAT vocabulary. This is not the correct process however. This will simply lead to more complication and the students will have a difficulty to retain the words or understand their correct application. Although, there are several methods of learning words, there is no single method that may work for all. While some students may find the flash cards more convenient, others may look for books on SAT vocabulary or use dictionary more often. However, those students who find it boring to learn words will now have access to new and improved ways of increasing their knowledge of vocabulary through various online resources.


A good knowledge of vocabulary will not only help the students to crack the questions on sentence completion effortlessly but also make them feel more confident about the taking the SAT. Besides the online resources that we have discussed in this article, the students can also read newspapers, novels, magazines to learn new words and their application in different contexts. Taking the practice tests for SAT is also a good way of improving SAT vocabulary before the actual test.