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Students appearing for the SAT test study for three sections. Critical Reading, Math and Writing are sections that are broken down into parts as well. Depending on the directions of the questions asked a test taker must either select or fill-in the appropriate answer. Each of the sections of the SAT test is timed and hence it is difficult to achieve precision under such high pressure. SAT test training coaches a student about the core subject matter involved in the test. This is followed by a lot of practice questions which test the application of core knowledge. Hence understanding root concepts as well as their application to problem solving can be achieved by a student through good SAT test training. Many companies offer professional coaching to aid students in preparation for the SAT test. A good SAT test training course along with hard work and dedication will help you to achieve a relatively high score. A list of some of the most famous courses and their structures are provided below to help you better understand about SAT test training.

Kaplan Complete SAT Prep: Classroom Anywhere

This is a service that enables people who are busy to be able to attend live online classroom lessons from Kaplan’s On-site classrooms. This means that you will be part of a real time classroom and will have to attend lessons and interact with your classroom and instructor online through chat. You will require a computer and internet access. It coaches students through 6 three hours sessions and tests their progress with 4 full length proctored tests. It also involves the use of an online white board so the students can see the explanation and working of problem solving. It provides online progress reports, over a 1000 practice questions and comprehensive study materials. To read more visit

Boston Test Prep

Boston test prep offers a solution to SAT test training where the test taker can study and practice at his own pace and convenience. He has the liberty to review lessons, take quizzes or brush up on test taking tips. The company suggests that a student should first evaluate their skills and then start familiarizing themselves with the concepts and practicing weak areas. The student should then take full length practice tests to see their achievement and study progressively. To read more about Boston test prep follow

Petersons Online Course for the SAT

Petersons Online SAT test training provides short, medium and long term courses to help students study for the test. It features 400 electronic vocabulary flashcards, 3 full length practice tests, automatic essay scoring and also integrates games as a fun way of learning and practicing. The course and study material are available for 120 days after registration and diagnose your strengths and weakness at the onset of the course. They teach you according to your weakness and build on your strengths as well. To read more information about the online courses visit their website at

Barron’s Test Prep

This particular SAT test Training course offers a comprehensive practice schedule for every question type of the different sections of the test. It also has 6 full length practice tests which receive instant evaluations as well as raw and scaled scores. The packages marks the areas that a student needs to improvise in and provides feedback accordingly. It has a 3500 word database to improve vocabulary. It offers you comprehensive explanations to solutions and provides you with test taking tips and strategies so that you can complete the test with confidence. To read about Barron’s test prep visit

There are various other SAT test training companies that provide interactive solutions for sat test coaching. You should look for one that suits your needs as well as which is feasible. It all boils down to which one helps you best prepare for the test.

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