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10 Important Tips about SAT Test!

Every student who sits for a competitive standardized exam needs to have a good plan of action to succeed in the exam and secure an admission to the college of his/her dreams. Agreed, that there can never be the ultimate guide to success, but there are always a few tips that are core and essential to get to the summit. Same goes for the SAT test. Practice and focus can never be over emphasized when it comes to an exam like the SAT, but there are also a few other SAT test tips that will help you with your SAT prep and the final test day. These would hold good for both first time test-takers and repeat-takers as well. Read on to discover the top ten SAT test tips which will help you breeze through the SAT.

  1. Have a Plan of Action
  2. The first and most important of the SAT test tips is to have a solid plan of action which should include prep time, time to socialise and take adequate practice tests. Having decided to take the SAT should not necessarily mean the end to your social life and meeting up with friends and family and neither should it mean that just because you are still at school you don’t need practice. A good plan of action should have daily prep time of at least 2 hours, relaxation time on weekends along with simulated practice tests taken at least once a week.

  3. Practice Tests
  4. A crucial requirement of every candidate should be to understand and be well aware of the SAT exam pattern; the sections, number of questions per section, time allotted per section and how many questions would be grid-in and how many would be multiple-choice based ones. Therefore, it is mandatory that a candidate takes adequate practice tests and familiarizes himself with the test pattern, time format and structure.

  5. Reach Exam Center Well in Time
  6. Of all the SAT test tips, you just cannot afford to eliminate this one. Reaching well before the scheduled time on the day of your exam not only keeps your nerves calm but also gives you ample time to focus and put your mind on track with the exam. Hurried and hasty candidates who reach just two minutes before closing time carry ahead their panic well into the exam and make silly mistakes which could have been avoided had they reached well before time.

  7. Be Well Prepared
  8. Reaching well ahead of time can be a smart move to make, but it would be fruitless if you haven’t packed sensibly. The night before the test, be sure that you put in your admission ticket, Photo ID, a watch and an energy bar in to your knapsack so you don’t panic the next day to look for things and waste time on that. Carry a jacket in case it gets cold in the examination room, alternatively wear small-sleeved shirt in case it gets too hot in there. Make sure the stationery you carry is in doubles; lest something gives up on you in the last minute, then you would have a spare to work with. Also take your calculator fully charged.

  9. Be Well-Rehearsed
  10. All SAT candidates know that the exam would begin with a set of instructions once the test, these instructions would also be a part of all the simulated tests the candidates take, so there is just no point in wasting your time reading them over again, when you very well know what they would be. Rather, spend that time in reading the questions carefully. Be well-rehearsed with these instructions and avoid wasting precious time.

  11. Use the Scratch Book
  12. The scratch book provided to all candidates is meant to be used as it lets you scribble out your thoughts and mark out the answers you have already attempted and which ones you need to attempt ahead. The scratch book will also help you organize your thoughts on essay-type questions. This is one of the SAT test tips rarely kept in mind by candidates.

  13. Look Carefully
  14. Read your questions carefully and be sure to mark them carefully as well. Often the score sheet can play tricks with your eyes and you might end up marking the wrong answer to a question. Therefore, not only is it important to read and understand the questions properly but you should also ensure you mark them carefully too; an oft understated of all SAT test tips.

  15. Go from the Known to the Unknown
  16. Skip tougher questions and answer the ones you know well, instead of wasting time because all the questions hold the same value. It isn’t like you would get more marks for a tougher question, so avoid falling into the trap of wanting to “definitely-crack-the-tough-ones”. Mark skipped questions in your exam book so you can quickly return to them later and don’t spend too much time on one question.

  17. No Panicking
  18. Relax at all times and stay focused on the task ahead. From among all these SAT test tips, this one is the essence of successful planning and execution. If your head is focused and your attitude calm, you are bound to score well because haste and panic never got any one anywhere.

  19. Eat Well and Sleep Well too
  20. The night before the exam, do not let your brain tax itself with cramming formulae and last-minute grammar rules. Leave all that aside and have a relaxed evening, eat a hearty meal and sleep early. Rest is the best just before the test.

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