SAT Test Times

How Many Times Can You Take the SAT and When

SAT comprises of two tests, namely the SAT Reasoning Test and 20 SAT Subject Tests. SAT Reasoning Test consists of three sections and spans for a total time of three-hour and forty-five minutes whereas the SAT Subject Tests span for a total time of one hour. SAT is administered seven times a year in the USA and six times in all the other countries.

SAT Administration

SAT is administered in the months of October, November, December, January, March (April in the alternating years), May and June in the USA. The same test dates are applicable for test takers hailing from the rest of the world except for the test date that falls in the month of March (April in the alternating years) on which the test is not administered at all. Since there are only seven or six testing dates, typically on testing date, most of the tests out of the 20 Subject Tests are administered. The SAT Reasoning Test is administered on all the testing dates. The SAT Subject Tests too are administered on all the test dates except on the test date that falls in the month of March (April in the alternating years). For the 2012 SAT test dates, you can visit the following link to know about which tests are being administered on a particular testing date.

How Many Times Can You Take SAT?

This is the question with which we face a lot of problem due to the various misconceptions pertaining to this discussion. Actually, you can take SAT as many times as you like to. You can take it infinite times. But, having a record of too many SAT test times would lead to a negative impression. Let us now discuss about the SAT test times on a single test date,

  • You cannot take the SAT Reasoning Test as well as the SAT Subject Tests on a single test date.

  • You can take upto three subject tests and not more than that on a particular single test date.

  • You must indicate the subject test of your choice while you register for the test itself. However, you can change your choice for all the subject tests except for the Language with Listening tests and only one listening test can be taken on a single test date.

  • You can learn more about the registration changes that you can make at the link:

There is a misconception that you cannot take SAT more than three times. Also, if you take it more than three times, you scores would be averaged at the time of your admission review process. There are no such norms regarding the SAT test times. However, too many SAT test times would give a bad impression and it would be worse if your scores don’t show any consistency. Hence, it is advised that you must work very hard and try to score high at least in the third attempt. Also, some colleges take different sectional scores from tests taken by you on different test dates. Furthermore, all the SAT scores that you obtain taking it multiple times would be produced at the college you apply for the review process. So, there is no wrong in taking SAT multiple times unless you improve your scores from test to test. But, if there is no consistency, taking SAT multiple times wouldn’t help you any better.

SAT Test Dates and Times

SAT test dates for the year 2011-2012 have been released by the College Board. Already, the first SAT test date is over. Regarding the SAT test times, you will know about the SAT test times for the test you apply only after you receive your hall ticket which can be downloaded from the official website of the SAT. There may be a maximum of 12-13 tests being administered on a single test date. Hence, the SAT test times may be as early as 8 am in the morning.

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