SAT Test Taking Tips

Apart from the tips for the SAT studies and the last minute tips, you need SAT test taking tips to know exactly how to attempt the test paper. Tips for taking the SAT tell you how to keep yourself focused on the day of the exam. You will also come to know how to attempt a question paper in order to attempt maximum questions correctly. SAT test tips will also tell you how to give appropriate time to every question. Some of the SAT test taking tips are given below:

  • Solve the easy questions first. You can come back to the harder questions later.
  • Make judicious use of guesswork. Even if the question involves negative marking scheme, if you can make intelligent guesses; it is worthwhile.
  • You can make use of the scratch paper to arrive at a correct answer.
  • Try to solve every question in a stipulated time only. If you cannot get a correct answer then you can skip the question and come back to it in the end if time permits.
  • For essay writing, first collect your thoughts and organize your ideas. You can jot down the key points first on the scratch paper.
  • For reading comprehension, you can first scan the paragraph and read the questions asked. When you read the paragraph again, you will get the correct answers easily.
  • For math section, you can write all the formulas first on the scratch paper. This way you can refer to them while solving the questions later.
  • Make use of the complete time available with you to answer all the questions.
  • Do not leave any answer blank.
  • Mark the answers correctly in the answer sheet.

Using SAT Test Taking Tips

Merely knowing the SAT test taking tips is not going to help you much. You must tune your mind to use them effectively during the exam. The SAT test tips need to be grilled into your mind in such a way that they should automatically come to your mind while applying them for a particular question. Once you have understood the tips for taking the SAT, you should practice using them while solving the sample questions. While taking the sample test paper you should make a special attempt to make use of the SAT test taking tips. You should not forget to read the SAT test taking tips on the day prior to your exam.

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