SAT Test Taking Strategies

10 Helpful Strategies for Taking the SAT

You will have to face a stiff competition for taking the SAT. In order to score high and secure admission in the college of your choice, you would have to study hard for the test. Your hard work must be coupled with smartness; smartness in solving the problems in an efficient way and in much lesser time, smartness in saving time while you are attempting the passage based questions in the Critical Reading section of the test. This smartness in improving your overall efficiency can be achieved only with strategies that help you in taking the test. You must learn some test strategies either from the books or frame them yourself in a way convenient to you in order to improve your overall efficiency in attempting the SAT.

Test Taking Strategies

There are many books that give you tips for taking SAT that might or might not work for you. The basic fact behind this conclusion is that applying test tips depends upon the ability and ease of the student. Hence, it depends upon you to sort out what kind of test taking techniques you can apply and what you cannot.

10 SAT Test Taking Strategies

  1. Be fully prepared for the exam
  2. Do not neglect any part of the test. Prepare according to the test pattern. Make sure that on the day before your test, you are fully equipped with all that you will need as instructed in the official website of the test. On the day of the examination, do not get tensed and cram up all that you have learnt.

  3. Be thorough with the exam paper
  4. You must be very thorough with the exam paper, all the test sections and the kinds of questions asked in a particular section. This comes with vigorous practice right from the day you have started preparation. This ability helps you a lot in saving time in the test. When you are so sure of all the sections and the question formats, you can straight away start the test rather than wasting time in going through the whole paper.

  5. Problem Solving Tips
  6. For every question, there would be an easy way of solving, focus your attention in just bringing out that twist of the question with which you can save lots of time. In the student-produced response questions, there would be no negative marking and hence take the liberty of guessing the answer if you are not able to solve.

  7. Multiple Answer choice questions
  8. If a question seems so confusing, then check whether you can solve it by substituting the given answers and then narrowing down to the best answer option. This will make your guess work a bit more technical.

  9. Passage questions
  10. There are students who answer the passage based questions without reading the passage itself! They first read the question and then look out for the answer. Try this method if you are running out of time and be very cautious while employing this strategy.

  11. Sentence correction-elimination-what to fit in
  12. This is one of the very important strategies of taking SAT. When you are to fill in a blank, first do not look for the options and fill it with the one you think is apt; it might not be from the choices. Then start looking out for the options. You will now find the correct answer option very fastly without much confusion.

  13. Essay writing section
  14. Since the allotted time is 25 minutes, make the most of it. Allot yourself 5 minutes for fast reading and contemplating the topic, 15 minutes for writing the body and five minutes for editing and reviewing the content. Do make sure that your content doesn’t look verbose.

  15. Skip the question and save time
  16. Do not waste time solving the question which you may not be confident of. Help yourself in understanding the status of the question in less than one minute and then skip the question.

  17. Revise the question and answer fastly
  18. Once you have completed a section or a particular number of questions, make sure that you have attempted and marked them correctly. Do this very fastly. This way you can even keep track of the questions that you may have missed.

  19. Keep Focused
  20. Keep yourself focused throughout the examination period. Do not get distracted or disheartened if you cannot attempt some questions. Try applying all the test tips that you may have learnt to save time and increase your performance levels.