SAT Test Study Guide

SAT Study Guides for Comprehensive Study

  • The Official SAT Study Guide

    The Official SAT Study Guide by College Board is the best and by far the most popular SAT test study guide. It includes all the information about the SAT test, such as the topics it tests, the registration process, advice on planning your study, and so on. This is why the SAT test study guide is considered as a must-have for all students appearing or preparing for the test. The Official SAT test study guide includes chapters that explain the subject concepts in detail. The book also includes how to approach and answer questions related to these topics. Each concept or topic is followed by practice questions to check that you have understood the concept. The SAT test study guide includes eight practice tests that you can use to practice under test conditions so that you understand how well prepared you are to tackle the test. The book also includes tips and strategies, such as timing yourself during the exam, to help you sail through your preparation.

  • Cracking the SAT

    Cracking the SAT is a SAT test study guide by Princeton Review, which is a popular book to prepare for the SAT test. The SAT test study guide is well researched because the language is lucid and easy to understand; this allows you to easily understand difficult concepts. The SAT test study guide also uses innovative methods to explain concepts, such as pictures.

  • Kaplan SAT Premier Program

    Kaplan’s SAT Premier Program is another popular SAT test study guide. The book also includes a CD-ROM. This SAT test study guide includes a diagnostic practice test that you can take to assess your level of preparedness. Based on the scores, you can gauge the amount of preparation you need to reach high scores. This SAT test study guide has topic-wise chapters that have a summary at the end of each chapter. The summary at the end sums up all the main points covered in the chapter so that you can check how far you have progressed.

  • McGraw-Hill’s SAT

    The SAT test study guide by McGraw-Hill is particularly useful for the verbal section. The study guide includes a reading list that will help you for improving your reading skills, which is useful for the reading comprehension section. The book also includes index cards, which is especially helpful for math formulae. In addition, the book includes diagnostics tests to check your scores before preparing for the test. The sample essay topics help you understand how to write essays and the full-length practice questions provide you with ample practice on answering questions. This SAT test study guide is helpful mostly for increasing your skills in the Verbal section.

  • Gruber's Complete SAT Guide 2011

    Gruber's Complete SAT Guide is another helpful SAT test study guide. The book is user-friendly because the information is easily accessible. All chapters have a mini table of contents at the beginning that allow you to peruse the contents of the chapter. It is a bulky book because it includes all the concepts and in this sense is a complete and perfect guide for preparing for SAT. It contains additional materials compared to other SAT test study guides. There are full-length tests at the end of the book that provide you with a simulated test of the real SAT.

  • The Ultimate SAT Tutorial: The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Raise Your Score

    The Ultimate SAT Tutorial includes questions that are similar in format to the questions in the actual SAT test. You can use the lessons plans included in the book to plan your preparation for the test. It would be best to go through the contents of the book first because the book focuses only on the content that is tested in SAT and does not contain any superfluous content.

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