SAT Test Sites

How Can You Choose From The Available SAT Test Sites??

Before taking the SAT exam, you have to register for it through mail or online. Registering for the SAT is a straight-forward process where you book a date for the SAT test, choose a SAT testing site and pay the SAT test fees. However trivial and simple it may seem, choosing the test center from the list of available SAT test sites is an important step in the process of registration.

  • Choose the Testing Site Nearest to You:

    The list of the designated SAT test sites in and outside the US is available on the College Board official website as well as printed in the information booklet. It is a good idea to choose the testing center closest to you. Not only would it be convenient, you can avoid the extra stress of travelling far on the day of the test.

  • Check for the Test Date:

    It should be noted that all test dates may not be available at all the

    SAT test sites. This happens more often at the international centers. Before you select a test center, confirm whether the test center will conduct the SAT test on the test date chosen by you. In case the test date is not available, choose the next most convenient center.

  • International Testing Sites:

    If you are an international student taking the SAT from your home country, you would have to check the SAT testing sites available in your country from the official website.

    • As there are fewer test centers in countries outside the US, you may have to travel to another city for the test. In such a case, it is a good idea to arrange for the lodgings beforehand.

    • International SAT locations are unavailable after the regular registration deadlines. That means, if you are outside the US, you do not have the option for late registration. On the contrary, it is better if you register early so that you can register successfully. There are fewer SAT test sites in a country outside the US and the restrictions in seating capacity may prove to be a limitation for the large number of applicants from such a country.
  • Change the SAT Testing Site:

    It is possible to change your test center after registration. This can be done by contacting the SAT program customer service well in advance. The customer service personnel are not available round the clock. Therefore, you should check for the timings on the official website to know when the customer service personnel can be contacted. It may not be a quick task, especially if you are in a different time zone. This service is also not free and College Board charges you a fee for the making changes in your registration details.

  • Registration by Mail:

    If you are registering through mail, you may not be able to choose the testing center right away. Instead, you have to provide your complete residential address and two choices from the list of available SAT test sites that best suit you. College Board will allocate the test center as close to you as possible. Once again, it is important that you register early so that you are allocated the center of your choice.
    SAT test sites may sometimes be closed due to bad weather, power shortages, natural calamities or other unforeseen and unavoidable problems. All information related to the closing of SAT test sites and alternative arrangements are provided on the official website. Thus, it is recommended that you check the official website regularly for any changes or updates related to your SAT testing site.

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