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10 Things to Consider When You Select a SAT Test Site

SAT, as we know, is a standardized process of evaluating students on reading, writing and math skills for admissions in U.S. educational institutions. As part of the registration process, a candidate is expected to choose a SAT test site where he/she would prefer to take the exam. Opting for a SAT test site should mainly be based on where the candidate resides and the time it would take to reach the exam centre. This article focuses on the SAT test centres and the important things to consider when selecting a SAT test site.

Important Points in SAT Test Site Selection:

Selecting an appropriate SAT test site is indispensible in reducing exam stress. Top ten things to consider when choosing a SAT test site are as below:

  • Accurate Information on SAT Test Centres:

    Knowledge is wealth. Finding out accurate information on the SAT test centers is crucial in making the right decision in SAT test site selection. Correct and quick selection of the SAT test places also saves time and energy which could be utilized for better preparation.

  • SAT Code Search:

    Performing a code search at gives the complete list of centers where the SAT would be held. The primary criteria here is ‘Search by’ which gives options such as Countries, College Majors, Colleges & Scholarships, Test Centers and High Schools. So a search can be made accordingly.

  • Search by ‘Test Centres’:

    To get the list of SAT test places, choose the ‘Search by’ dropdown as ‘Test Centers’ in the code search link The details to be entered next are: Test date, Country, State etc. The search can still be optimized by providing the city.

  • Choosing the Nearest Test Centre:

    A SAT test site chosen should be easily accessible to the candidate. If the SAT test centre is too far, it is better to arrange for accommodation. Otherwise it can lead to not reaching the exam hall in time which might spoil the whole exam as such.

  • A Familiar Surrounding:

    If the school in which you have studied for years or the one you are familiar with appears in the SAT test site list, it should be your first choice. Because, nothing can match the comfort that a familiar surrounding provides. It makes you feel free and helps you give a good shot in the exam.

  • Test Centre Facilities:

    Be sure to know if the test centre has adequate facilities like proper ventilation, lighting, comfortable seating etc. Taking the exam may not go peacefully if any of these is not fine.

  • Cross-checking:

    It is to be noted that the SAT code list booklet is updated with the latest test centres only once a year. And we know that SAT is conducted seven times a year in the United States and six times a year at other countries. Hence College Board instructs the students to cross-check the centres in the booklet with the online list for confirmation.

  • What If Your Preferred Centre Doesn’t Appear in the List:

    If the centre that you prefer doesn’t appear in the SAT test site list, you can contact your nearest college and request the principal/counsellor to send an application to College Board for making it a SAT test site.

  • Make a Finalized Decision:

    Have a deep look into the list of test centres and come up with a final choice. Avoid bringing in a situation where you need to change your centre as it might steal your preparation time.

  • Test Centre Changes:

    If you need to change the test centre due to unavoidable circumstances, you can always do so. Guidelines for SAT test centre changes are at By making use of the above points, the candidates can easily choose the best SAT test site and go ahead with the preparation.

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