SAT Test Scoring

SAT Scores and Their Implications

  • SAT Test Scoring for Admission

    SAT test scoring is an important factor in determining your selection into a college of your choice. Nevertheless, SAT test scoring is not the only criterion that determines your selection; other factors such as extracurricular activities, academic record and so on also play an important role in granting you admission to a college.

    SAT test scoring is a method to assess your aptitude in scoring questions related to critical reasoning, math, and writing essays. Thus, it assesses your critical thinking abilities by judging the way you apply your knowledge to solve problems. Preparing for the SAT test is an enriching experience. It teaches you to think critically and logically about problems. The ability to think and reason is especially helpful if you plan to take up a related subject for higher study, such as Math. Writing an essay is a mandatory section in SAT. Your improved vocabulary enables you to convey your thoughts more articulately than you would otherwise. Practicing writing also has this effect. Moreover, practicing writing on a regular basis leads to enhanced skills in writing; the more you practice, the better your thought process. You can also use this skill to write your application essay. Thus, SAT benefits you in many ways; scores for colleges and a few life skills

  • SAT Test Scoring for Scholarships

    Apart from gaining admission into college, the test also prepares you in many other ways. SAT test scoring also allows you to avail scholarships, which are a great way to fund your education at college. Receiving scholarships eases the burden on your family and makes you self-dependent. Scholarships are considered better than education loans because you do not need to repay them. Some colleges use SAT test scoring as a decisive factor for granting scholarships.

  • A Good SAT Score

    SAT test scoring is based on the scaled principle. The three sections in SAT have a scaled score of 200-800. This means that the best score you can achieve is 2400. Most of the top colleges expect you to get a score more than 2100, which puts you in the percentile higher than everyone else. The average total is approximately 1500 and above, which average colleges accept. You can achieve a good SAT score by intelligently preparing for the test. To do this, you need to understand the difference between a raw score in each section vis-a-vis the scaled score. For example, to get a scaled score of 600, you would need a raw score 41 in the Math section and a raw score of 52 in the Verbal section. Therefore, if you want to achieve a score of 600, you can prepare accordingly. A good essay is judged in the scale of 1-6 (1 being the lowest and 6 being the highest) on basis of parameters such as structure, use of good vocabulary and correct grammar. You can also use the Score Choice option to report your best SAT score to colleges.

  • Check your Scores

    After you have received your test scores, you might be eager to know your chances of getting admission into a college. The SATscores.US site provides you information about the SAT scores that colleges accept. The information is presented in a tabular format that is easy to read. The SAT test scoring is segregated into composite as well as section-based scoring based on topics. The table also includes other information such as the admissions rate and My Chances, wherein you can submit your profile and receive a rating for your chances of getting admission to the college of your choice. The link to this site is You can use the information from this site to help you prepare for SAT; that is, you will be aware of the score targets you need to reach to be considered for admission.

  • Receiving Scores

    You can request for your scores either by Web or by Paper. The scores take at least two weeks before they are available by Web. You can log in to the Web to view your scores. Paper-based scores take another week after which they are mailed. The SAT Online scores are available approximately a week after scores are available on the Web. The My SAT Online Score Report on the SAT College Board site is the best and fastest way in which you can receive personalized information about your SAT scores.

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