Getting SAT Score Cards Online

How Can You See Your SAT Scores Online

Waiting for the SAT scores can be a nerve-wracking and yet an exciting experience. Your test scores will be made available to you online in 20 days from the day of the test. You can receive your scores as paper score reports or even over the telephone at an additional cost. However, the easiest, quickest and most convenient method is to check for your test scores online.

  • Where can you see Your SAT Scores Online

    You can check for the SAT test scores online at the official website of College Board at: The scores are made available through the following link: -

    You will be required to have an active account on in order to see the scores online. You can check the scores anytime you want after logging in to your account. In the event that you do not have an active account, your scores will be sent to you through mail.

  • What will Your Online Score Report Have

    Once you receive the scores online, you will also receive a detailed score report at the same time or a few days later. A detailed score report contains:

    - complete and detailed breakdown of scores of every section
    - information about what your scores mean
    - information about how you scored with respect to others who took the test with you
    - the essay that you wrote for the writing test

  • What if Your Scores are Not Online

    Most scores are released on the date as announced on the College Board official website. However, there have been instances where not all scores were made available. If you do not see your scores online, do not panic. You may find a message or an instruction about when your SAT scores would be available online. All you can do in such a situation is to have patience and check at the later date given to you. Delays can occur due to unprecedented and unforeseen events such as the ones mentioned below:

    - Answer sheets may have been received late. This may occur due to unavoidable circumstances such as natural calamities, delays in transfers, etc.
    - Information on your answer sheet may not be complete, incorrect or may not match with the information provided at the time of registration. Thus, it is important that you enter all details carefully so that the chances of a delay in receiving your scores online are minimal.
    - Any other unforeseen event that would mandate that your answer sheet requires extra attention or await pending decisions related to your test.
  • If there is no such message or instruction regarding a later date for the release of your test scores online, you should get in touch with the College Board office at the earliest.

  • Other Useful Score Options

    College Board sends the scores to your high school, colleges or institutions that grant scholarships if you had asked during registration. Other than the basic delivery of score reports, College Board also provides you with several facilities regarding your score reports.

    - Additional Score Reports: College Board allows you to have four score reports during registration. You can request additional score reports at an extra cost.
    - Score Verification: If you are dissatisfied with your scores or want to have a copy of your answer sheet, you may request for the same using the Student Score Verification Service.
    - Score Choice: If you have taken the SAT more than once, you can exercise the option that only particular scores be considered in your college application. While SAT allows for you to report only certain scores, it largely depends on the admission regulation of the colleges. While some do consider Score Choice, others may not. It is best if you know the policy regarding multiple SAT scores.

Knowing your test scores online offers you the advantage of planning ahead. Once you know if the scores are good or are unsatisfactory, you can plan accordingly.