State-wise SAT Score Requirements

What are SAT Test Scores by State?

What seems to be of the utmost importance to secure an entry into prestigious universities, is making it to their cut-off lists/percentage. Fortunately, though, these prestigious universities do not have a narrow range for these percentages and consider an applicant’s entire performance at school as criteria to grant admission to him. An applicant’s GPA, school performance and extracurricular activities are areas that admission committees take into consideration for the admission process of an applicant. The United States, with its 51 states has a number of universities and colleges and almost every one of those has its own SAT score requirement. It would be impossible to enlist all the test scores by state for all of the 51 states, but on the basis of the largest university campuses by enrollments for the 2010-11 sessions, following are the test scores for a list of 5 states and their most popular universities.

  1. Florida

    University of Central Florida: The state of Florida had its own system of measuring the skills of college-entering students and this was known as CLAST (College Level Academic Skills Test) till July 2009. Once the use of this test got repealed, coursework (GPA), ACT and SAT scores started being considered for college admissions. The University of Central Florida, Orlando puts forth its test scores as 500 and above in both the Critical Reading and Math. The University of Central Florida also considers the SAT writing component for the admission process.
    University of Florida: Unlike many colleges/universities, which need minimum of 18 academic units for admission to its undergraduate courses, the University of Florida has a minimum requirement of 16 academic units for the undergraduate admission process. As the score requirement, the university requires the applicants to have a combined score of minimum 1330 in the critical reading, math and writing sections of the SAT Reasoning Test, with a minimum score of 440 on each.

  2. Arizona

    Arizona State University: Requiring competencies in English, Mathematics, Social Science, Laboratory Science, Foreign Language and Fine Arts for its undergraduate applicants, the Arizona State University is probably one of United States’ largest universities. For its SAT score requirement, applicants need to have a minimum of 530 in the Critical Reading component of the test and a minimum of 540 in the Mathematics component of the SAT. The Arizona State University also considers the SAT scores of the applicants for university placements after the candidates get their undergraduate degree.

  3. Texas

    University of Texas at Austin: Calling themselves longhorns, the University of Texas has tradition and history etched all over it and is encourages its students to be proud carriers of this tradition. For their undergraduate admission process, to be considered for an English Language credit course, the university needs the applicant to have a score of 600-800 in the SAT writing component. As a Calculus Readiness Requirement, for applicants wanting to enrol in Cockrell School of Engineering, a Math score of 600 or above is a basic admission criterion.
    Texas A&M University: Not observing a minimum test score for Undergraduate admission, the Texas A&M University, uses its previous years’ SAT/ACT scores to gauge the competencies of the incoming students the next academic year. So, for the 2012 intake, applicants need to take a cue from the 2010-11 applicant intake and their minimum scores. The average score of the incoming fall 2011 freshman class at the Texas A&M University was 1220 (Verbal + Math). Applicants applying to the Dwight Look College of Engineering, although are required to meet a minimum math score of 550 on the SAT math component.

  4. Michigan

    Michigan State University: Considering only the Critical Reading and Math combined scores of the SAT Reasoning Test as one of the admission criterion, the Michigan State University also considers an applicant’s academic performance in high school, the strength and quality of his school curriculum, his class rank, SAT/ACT scores and qualities like leadership, conduct, talent etc to base his admission on. As far as the SAT scores go, the Michigan State University depends on the previous year’s incoming applicants’ scores to measure those of the current year. Of its latest admissions, the composite SAT score of 1030-1250 (Critical Reading + Math) was the median scored of the applicants who received admission.

  5. Ohio

    Ohio State University: Lending high importance to good writing skills, the Ohio State University, takes the minimum admission requirements as successful completion of the curriculum in high school, performance in high school as shown by class rank or grade point average (GPA) and the ACT or SAT scores, along with additional considerations of extracurricular activities, significant work experience or leadership qualities amongst many others. It is mandatory to submit a writing exam score while seeking admission at the Ohio State University, as they rank good writing skill as very crucial for success in college and life after it. Requiring receiving official scores, sent directly from the testing agency, the Ohio State University needs a minimum score of 1592 on the SAT Reasoning Test to be considered for admission to an undergraduate degree program.

The college matchmaker page of the College Board website also gives an applicant an abundance of options to figure out the test scores by state for over 3900 universities and colleges.