SAT Test Schedule


SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is an aptitude test required for admissions to US colleges. Thousands of students from all parts of the world desire to join the US colleges. Since all these students come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and study different curriculum during their undergraduate years, it becomes difficult to compare them based on only undergraduate GPA's. Therefore, the College Board Corporation of the US has introduced the SAT exam. It is designed and scored by the ETS (Educational Testing Service). If you aspire to take SAT then it is essential for you to know about the SAT test schedule.

SAT Test Schedule

For most of the universities in the US, taking SAT is compulsory. Thousands of students from around the world appear for this exam. So, it is worthwhile to know about the SAT test schedule so that you can prepare yourself well. SAT is conducted seven times in a year. Apart from the US, it is conducted in some of the other countries also. The whole SAT schedule would involve the following steps:

  • SAT Registration
  • Test Attempt
  • Result Processing
  • Sending your scores to the colleges for admission

You can register for the SAT exam by mail, by phone or online. The online method is the most convenient and fastest of all. The online registration also offers you a lot of benefits. You can print your exam ticket, see your scores online and can send your scores to the universities. For the payment of your registration fee you can use credit card, cheque or money order. The fee for the SAT reasoning test is $43.

SAT Testing Schedule & Test Dates

Let us see the SAT testing schedule and test dates in detail. The SAT exam is generally held on Saturdays. For those students who can not appear for the exam on Saturdays due to religious bindings, the test is offered on the coming Sundays. Here is the SAT testing schedule and test dates for the year 2008:

You will observe from the above chart that the US registration has two modes: Regular and Late. If you miss the registration in the regular period you can do so in the late registration period. If you miss it during the late registration period as well, then you can do so on the day of the exam. It is called Standby registration. However, it is subject to the availability of a seat at the test center. The US registration is also valid for the US Territories and Puerto Rico. For the international registration the dates are as mentioned above. On 1st March 08 the test is offered only in the US, the US Territories and Puerto Rico.

SAT testing schedule and test dates are available at the web site You may find the complete exam procedure and other related information on this web site.

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