SAT Test Schedule 2012

What is the SAT Test Schedule for 2012?

The SAT is conducted during certain months of the year in and outside the US. However, it is conducted one additional time during the month of March in the US only. For the rest of the year, the dates for the SAT test are fixed and it is conducted only on those days around the world as well as in the US. In the US, SAT test is conducted by College Board seven times in a year and six times for the rest of the world.

  • SAT Test Schedule 2012:

    The SAT test schedule 2012 has been announced till the month of June 2012. The SAT will be conducted on the

    - 28th of January,
    - 10th of March (SAT only, US),
    - 5th of May and
    - 2nd of June.
    - The SAT dates for the months of October to December would be announced later in July 2012.
  • Although the dates for the SAT test schedule 2012 are not announced for the entire year, they should not come as a surprise to you. As a general rule, the SAT tests are conducted on the first Saturday of the month. To formulate further, SAT is conducted in the months of January, March (for US only), May, June, October, November and December. So whether it is the year 2012 or 2013, the SAT test will most likely be conducted as per this generalization.

  • Why the SAT Test Schedule is Important:

    You must know the SAT test schedule 2012 if you are planning to take the SAT in 2012.

    • Firstly, the SAT is the gateway to college and you should plan the application process around the SAT dates. Sometimes, it may so happen that you have to take the SAT for a second time. In such cases, if you know the schedule, you can plan without losing much time.
    • Mark the SAT test schedule 2012 in your calendar. You can remember the dates and recall them whenever necessary so that you do not plan other events around these dates unwittingly.
    • If you remember the SAT test dates, you would also know the registration deadlines which close four weeks before the dates. Remember, that you have to register for the SAT every time you take it.
    • Once you know the SAT test schedule 2012, you can decide on the best time to take the test and prepare accordingly. While experts may suggest that you take the test during the months of January or March if you are in the US, the decision lies with you totally.
  • Exceptions:

    Generally, the SAT tests are conducted on Saturdays as is obvious from the dates allocated for the SAT test schedule 2012. However, under certain circumstances, you may be allowed to take it on the following Sunday.

    • The relaxation of the rule generally applies for students who are forbidden to write the test on a Saturday due to religious reasons or obligations. If you fall under such a category of students, you may be allowed to take the SAT on a date that deviates from the SAT test schedule 2012.
    • You will have to register for the SAT through mail if you are seeking a Sunday date for the SAT for the first time. For subsequent testing, you may register online.
    • You have to include a letter from a priest or cleric from the house of worship citing the religious observance of not allowing testing on Saturdays.
    • If you are from India or Pakistan, you cannot deviate from the SAT test schedule 2012 as Sunday testing is not available in these countries. The SAT schedule is easy to understand, remember and follow. The test schedules are announced by the College Board every year for the benefit of all and you must try to make the most of it.

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