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SAT Test Review through the Best Books

The scores you receive for your SAT Test determine the kind of college you will be admitted into and help you decide what discipline you should probably study depending on your academic strengths and weaknesses. To get a good score you are required to study and practice all the subject matter involved in the SAT Test. There are numerous publication houses that publish test preparation books and guides to help test takers prepare for various tests. However, one should carefully scrutinize the authenticity of the publisher with regards to reliability and subject matter covered. It is often seen that small publication houses boast of a variety of guides and books but not all of them actually prepare you for what you should expect on the exam day. Below are some of the most well renowned books that help test takers complete SAT test review of the entire syllabus involved.

Official SAT Study Guide

The Official SAT Guide: Second Edition is the only guide and practice book that is published by the test makers themselves and helps the test takers learn all they need to know during their SAT Test review. The guide covers study matter with over 20 chapters and has mock practice tests and allows you to compare answers with model answers online. It simplifies the concepts of Math, Critical reading and Writing which are tested in the SAT. It also gives you instances of the types of Math questions asked in the actual test and how you should go about these questions to get the right answers and also be able to complete your test paper within the allotted time. It is available on the official SAT website for $21.99. To read more details about the Official SAT Guide visit The website also offers discounts on the purchase of two or more products in conjunction with each other, offering you value for your money and guidance for your SAT Test review.

The Princeton Review Cracking the SAT

The Princeton Review is well known for its test guide publications and has done an excellent job with ‘Cracking the SAT’. The book is a comprehensive guide for SAT Test takers offering various explanations as well as tips and strategies for the different sections of the SAT Test. The guide has full length practice test questions as well which help the test taker evaluate his ability to appear for the actual test through the evaluation of mock tests. It also offers advice on how to approach colleges while making admission applications, details about scholarships and financial aid which help with the SAT Test review and preparation. The Princeton Review Cracking the SAT can be purchased from any book store or online bookshop.

Kalpan SAT Premier Program

Kalpan, as well as The Princeton Review, have published preparation books in the past and are famous for their own lineage of guidance. The Kalpan SAT Premier Program is a book the teaches the test taker everything about the chapters and sections involved in the SAT by providing explanations about the various concepts involved, testing the test taker’s understanding with question sets and providing model answers for comparison and understanding, diagnostic tests and also full length practice tests. This book includes a mobile prep package as well for your phone depending on the handset you use and also includes a CD-ROM for the Kalpan Online Companion Program.

If you are a test taker and are looking for a study guide to use during your SAT Test review, you could opt for one of the above or pick a study guide that teaches you everything you need to know for the SAT Test. Guides are also available for SAT subject tests.

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