SAT Test Results Online

Everything about Obtaining SAT Test Results Online

The SAT is a test governed by the College Board and is used by colleges to compare admission applications made by students on grounds of competence and readiness for college level education. The scores of the SAT test are usually delivered to students about five weeks from the date of the test. Students that register for the test by mail automatically receive their scores via mail. Students who register online have to opt to receive their scores by mail; otherwise they will receive their SAT Test results online.The results are posted online in about three weeks from the day of the test and give the test taker different kinds of information about the way they performed in the test.

Where to Check your Score Online

Test takers that register for the test online create Official College Board accounts. Test takers use these accounts to log into the website and check their SAT Test results online. Having a account enables you to register for the SAT, check your scores online as well as to send your scores to colleges of your choice. You can sign into your account by following the link

Features of your Online Score Report

  • The SAT Test result online gives test takers a host of information apart from how much they have scored. It gives the test taker a break up of their points for each section according to what is answered correctly and incorrectly and by informing the test taker of the number of questions they did not answer and consequently left blank.
  • It also provides you with information about various colleges depending upon the information you provided during registration for the SAT and your score procured in the SAT test. It will also help you understand how your test paper was scored and guide you as to whether you should take the test again in order to gain a better score to secure admissions to study the discipline of your choice in college.
  • The online score further explains the number of questions you answered according to the level of difficulty and how many of them you answered; and which ones are right and wrong. You also receive a statistical report as to whether your test score is likely to improve should you take the SAT test once more and tips on how you can better prepare for the re-sit test depending on the mistakes you made in the first attempt at the SAT Test.
  • The next section of your SAT Test results online will let you compare your scores with those of other test takers in your location and on a nationwide scale. This will enable you to judge how you have performed in comparison to other test takers and help you indentify competition with regards to college admission applications.
  • There is a section on your online score sheet that integrates your original essay as part of your score sheet. You receive an image of the essay you wrote as part of the writing section and will have a detailed summary of how your essay was scored. This will let you read the summary and mark areas of future improvement.

Points to Remember

If you have registered for the SAT test via mail and do not have an active College Board account, you shall not receive your SAT Test results online. You will receive paper score sheets. SAT scores can also be received over the phone at an additional cost. For more information on test scores over the phone please visit you be unsure about the scores you have received and wish to verify them, the College Board provides you with methods to verify your scores according to the instructions and procedures as prescribed in the Detailed Information on Student Answer Verification Services. You can read the information at

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