SAT Test Results 2012

The Schedule of SAT Test Results 2012

The potency of a SAT score is very well understood by an applicant who is aiming not only to secure an entry to a prestigious university but also hoping to get a scholarship to pursue his studies. Many colleges and universities consider the SAT score as a good medium to measure an applicant’s worthiness to receive a scholarship or additional funding towards a study program fee. It is also therefore, important for the applicant to submit his scores in time, well before the deadline so that his scores can be considered. When the College Board announces test dates for a particular year, it also announces the score release dates along side. Of the 4 dates announced for the SAT tests, the SAT test results 2012 would be declared in the months of February, March, May and June of 2012. Applicants can therefore plan their exam dates in accordance with the college deadlines available to them. Read on to know more about the result announcements, availability of scores and SAT test results 2012.

SAT Test Results 2011

Offered seven times a year, the SAT test is a good representative of the skills acquired by the applicant at school and also indicates his readiness for college. The College Board usually announces test and result dates for two consecutive years, with the first test being conducted in the month of October of a year and seventh in June the next year. For example, for the year 2010-11, the SAT test dates in 2010 were, October 9, November 6, December 4 and in 2011 the dates were, January 22, March 12, May 7 and June 4, completing the full set of 7 dates . The SAT is generally not administered from July to October and in February. As the results are available online in three weeks and on paper in 5 weeks, the result dates also fall within the next month of the SAT test date. In 2011, for the January 22 test date the online results were available to applicants by February 10 and the paper scores were received by February 26, five weeks after applicants sat for the exam. The March 12 SAT test date was only for the SAT Reasoning Test and the results were announced on March 31. Similarly, the SAT result dates for the May and June dates were in the last weeks of both the month respectively, as the exams were held in the first week. For the October 1, 2011 SAT test date, results were available online on the 20 October and paper scores were mailed to applicants by 28 October, 2011. Internet score delivery for the tests held in November and December would be on the 23 of each month, with the paper/CD scores being mailed out by December 2 and December 30, 2011 respectively.

SAT Test Results 2012

For the year 2012, out of the seven dates, only 4 have yet been released and consequently there are 4 dates for the SAT test results 2012. The test dates fall in the months of January, March, May and June. The dates for the SAT test results 2012 would fall in the same or consecutive months of the test dates. For the January 28, 2012 test date the results would be available online from February 16 onwards and the mailing for the paper scores would begin on the same date as well, and would reach colleges within the last week of February. It is important for graduating school students to be well aware of the dates for the SAT test result 2012, if they plan on joining college in the same year. The March SAT exam is only for the Reasoning Test and it is a pattern that has been followed year after year. The dates for SAT test results 2012 for the March exam would be March 29/30 for the internet score delivery and the paper scores would be available by the first week of April (6/7 Aril, 2012). The other two dates for the SAT test results 2012 are May 24 and Jun 21 for the online score delivery and the paper scores should reach colleges/universities by June 1 and June 29 respectively.

Last Word

Although the other 3 dates for the 2012 calendar year would be out with the 4 dates of 2013, it would be an intelligent guess that these dates would fall in the first weeks of October, November, December, the second/third week of January and first/second weeks of March, May and June, and it would be a safe guess that the consecutive months would be when the results would be made available to the concerned colleges/universities. The College Board has also devised its own formula which can help students guess the SAT exam dates in the future and accordingly the SAT test result release dates. According to this formula, test dates fall on the first Saturday in November, December, May and June; the second Saturday in October and March; and the fourth Saturday in January. Applicants who cannot test on Saturday due to religious observance, may take the test on the following Sunday, if the test date is a Saturday.

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