SAT Exam Results

Students should understand the importance of SAT exam results before starting preparations for the exam. SAT exam results are not the sole criteria for getting admission in a reputed college. Although colleges consider good SAT results as a factor for admission, they do not specify any minimum requirement of SAT exam results. Good SAT exam results are a supplement to school education scores. Good SAT exam results also cover for your average high school GPA. The importance of SAT results is different for different colleges. Many colleges require SAT scores just to be mentioned in the admission application while many other colleges and universities may ask for a good SAT exam results and a high SAT percentile. College authorities of reputed colleges usually compare your scores with the scores of other students who have taken the exam. You should always check the requirement of colleges of your choice. Your SAT subject test results help you in deciding about your major subject in college. Your SAT exam results help you in finding right college, majors and careers.

Colleges also use SAT exam results while deciding about the scholarships. Some high schools also provide scholarships to their students on the basis of their SAT results for their bright future. You can also apply for loans. Good SAT results might help you in getting a loan.

If you are not satisfied with your performance and your SAT results, you can always retake SAT. There is no limit to the number of times you can take SAT. Most of the colleges consider your best scores.

Official Score Report

The SAT exam score report contains a cumulative score of all SAT exams taken by a candidate in the past. The marks of all sections, the percentile and score range are contained in this report. SAT percentile helps college administration to compare your performance with the other students who have taken the exam. The subject test percentile also gives you an idea about your strength and weakness in a particular subject and it helps you to select your major subject in the college.

Your official test score report is sent to you and the colleges five weeks after the test date. The names of the colleges chosen by you can be changed later on. Additional score reports can also be asked for on a payment of $9.50.

SAT Results 2007

SAT results are going to show more than your scores after March 2007. SAT results 2007 explain about your performance in the exam along with the usual information about your scores and percentile. Your SAT results 2007 provide the details of your test like difficulty level of your SAT questions and the number of your correct and incorrect answers. Percentile information of other groups is also given in SAT results 2007 so that you can compare your performance with others also.

SAT exam results matter most to those who intend taking admission into colleges that run popular courses. And do not forget that your SAT scores are not the only criteria, they are just a supplement to your high school performance. Your high school studies and knowledge gained in the high school is going to help you in your SAT performance.

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