SAT Test Results

SAT is a basic test which is required for the college admissions in US and US territories. This test is administered by College Board organization. SAT test results are an important consideration for admissions purposes. SAT test results measure many of the skills which are important for the student's success in college. SAT test results measure your educational knowledge that is supposed to have been achieved through formal education. SAT test results supplement high school results. Your school grades, class work, projects etc are also considered for admission purpose.

Basically there are two SAT tests. SAT I and SAT II. SAT I is SAT reasoning test and SAT II is SAT subject test. Students have the option of taking only SAT I or both SAT I and the subject test. Students can take up to three subject tests on any given test date. SAT is conducted seven times in a school year. These dates are in the months of January, March, May, June, October, November and December. The exam date in the month of March is available only in US. SAT is usually offered on the first Saturday of the month. Students who have some religious prohibition can request for Sunday testing which is usually conducted on the following Sunday. Normally both SAT tests are available on all the dates except the date in March when only SAT reasoning test is available.

You should not only be aware of other aspects of SAT but also about SAT test results. You must know how SAT test results are calculated.

SAT test results are announced in each of the three parts SAT i.e. in critical reading, quantitative and writing. Reading and quantitative sections are made up of multiple answer choice questions. The writing section is a mix of multiple choice questions and a question on essay. SAT test lasts for 3 hrs and 45 minutes. Each individual section is granted a score between 200 and 800. Two sub scores are granted for the writing section, one for each question category.

SAT Test Scoring

To prepare College Board SAT results, first raw SAT scores are computed. For each correctly answered question, you are granted one mark. There is a negative marking of quarter of a mark for each wrong answer, depending on the type of question. The raw marks are then transformed into scaled scores between 200 and 800. This is done through the process of 'equating'. The multiple choice questions of the writing section are scored between 20 and 80 and the essay is granted a score between 2 and 12. Two readers read each essay and mark it between 1 and 6. Then the two scores are added to give a score between 2 and 12. Following this a score between 200 and 800 is granted to the writing section.

The SAT test results are available online after nearly three weeks of the test. The written official score report takes nearly five weeks to be released.

SAT Results 2008

In 2008, SAT is available on Jan26, March1, May3, and June7. SAT results for Jan26, 2008 will be available online by February 14, 2008 and SAT results reports will be sent by February 25. SAT results 2008 for March 1 will be available online by March 20 and official score reports will be sent by March 28.

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