SAT Test Registration

Step-by-Step Guide For SAT Test Registration

Before you can take the SAT test, you would have to first register for it. SAT test registration is mandatory and once explained, it becomes an easy and simple process. The step-by-step guide helps you to go through with the registration process.

Choose a Date:

The SAT test is conducted in the US and in other places in the world in the months of May, June, and from October through January. It is additionally conducted in March in the US only. Generally, the SAT test is offered on the first Saturday of these months. One of the very first things you should do is pick up the calendar and set a date for the SAT test.

  • Check for college application deadlines: The ideal time to take the SAT test is before fall of the last year in high school. Colleges have different schedules and application deadlines. It is best to contact the colleges or visit their respective websites to find out information about deadlines for admission applications. You will need to adjust your plans according to the application deadlines of colleges so that your application reaches the college well within time.
  • SAT Retakes: While it is not always the case, you may be required to repeat the SAT test in case your scores fall short or you are not satisfied with them. To handle such contingencies, it is best to plan for more than one SAT Test. Also, you will have to repeat the SAT test registration processevery time you take the test.
  • SAT Subject Tests: Certain colleges require you to take subject tests and include their scores with the application. For some colleges, including subject test scores strengthens your application. In case you are required to take subject tests, you will need to plan accordingly.
  • Early Registration: The SAT test registration needs to be done about one month in advance. The earlier you register the better are your chances of being able to take the test at a test center of your choice.

Choose a Test Center:

The next step in the SAT test registration process is to choose a test center. All SAT test centers in and outside the US are approved by the College Board and are typically high schools, colleges or educational or technical institutes.

  • Closest and most convenient: Though it may seem like a trivial task, choosing the test center most convenient to you is very important and should be done carefully. It would be impractical to travel far on the day of the test if it can be avoided. To cut down on the extra and avoidable stress of travelling it is best to choose the test center that is closest to you. For a complete list of test centers, you can check the official website.
  • Availability of Test Center: At times, all test dates are not be available at all the SAT test centers. This holds true especially for international test centers. You should therefore check that the test date is available at the test center before registering.

Registering for the Test:

You can complete the SAT test registration process online or through mail. The following should be noted before registering:

  • The registration fees are different for students in the US and international students. If you fall under the category of internal students, be sure to check the fee structure. Students from certain countries like India and Pakistan have to shell out an extra amount of money towards security fees.
  • There are additional charges for subject tests.
  • There are several options available for payment ranging from bank drafts to US postal orders when registering by mail. You need to check with your local banks about money transfer and foreign exchange issues in case you are an international student before you fill out the registration form.
  • When you do SAT test registration online, you can choose and confirm the test center as you finish. For registration by mail, the test center closest to you will be allocated to you by College Board.
  • Before you pay the charges, check the official website for fee waivers to see if you qualify for a discount or reduction in the charges.

The SAT test registration is an important milestone in the road to higher education. Be sure to carry the SAT registration ticket to the SAT test center on the day of the test. It is a good idea to check the official website regularly after the registration for any changes in the test schedule and other important updates that you may otherwise miss.

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