SAT Test Price

How Much Will The SAT Cost You?

For most students appearing for a standardized competitive exam, exam prep, test scheduling, prep costs and college admissions are factors which occupy most of their thought process. Registration and test fees don’t demand much attention, more so because these are processes which are standard and costs are often subsidized, keeping in mind the ‘global-level’ character of the exam and the huge number of aspirants who would wish to appear for it. Although, it would be incorrect to assume that the SAT test price is low by any standards, because there would still be a section of aspirants who would not find it an easy sum to pay off. Fee waivers are an option for many such students and the College Board website has an entire section for this. Have a look at it . To gain a better understanding about the SAT test price, read on, and discover how the exam is priced and how you can pay for it.

The SAT Test

Any SAT test-taker/aspirant would know that there are two types of SAT exams, the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Tests, taken by aspirants depending on college admission requirements of the colleges they are applying to. Popularly, most aspirants appear for the SAT Reasoning Test as part of their college admissions, and choose to appear for the SAT Subject Tests in case the desired college has a requirement for them to sit for it. Both these tests have different test dates and test prices. The SAT Reasoning Test price or simply the SAT test price is higher than the SAT Subject Tests (individually). Also, there are additional costs for late registration, standby testing, registration changes, scores availability by telephone and additional score reports (beyond the allowed limit of four provided free by the College Board). The SAT test price for both types of tests is also different for international applicants. Nevertheless, in an effort to help low-income families send their children for higher education, fee waivers are available for aspirants who meet the requirements for a fee waiver of the SAT test price.

THE SAT Test Price

The basic registration cost for a SAT Reasoning Test is $49, which includes registering for the test and sending of score reports to up to 4 colleges to aid in the aspirant’s admissions process. This SAT test price is applicable only if the aspirant registers within the deadline; in case he/she misses it then an additional $26 fine is levied on to him/her. International Additional fees apply for late registration, standby testing, registration changes, scores by telephone, and extra score reports (beyond the four provided for free). International applicants (other than those from India and Pakistan) pay $78 as the SAT test price and an additional surcharge of $26 is levied on students from India and Pakistan who pay $102 as the SAT test price. No payment is to be made for scores being received by mail, but those wanting a phone call to receive their scores would have to pay extra $15 to the registration fee of $49. To the total SAT test price the aspirant needs to add an extra sum of money if he/she wants additional services of sending of scores (more than the allowed 4) to more colleges or essay score verification. Aspirants can get a complete guide of these at

Mode of Payment

There are few basic modes of payment of the SAT test price. The College Board does not accept cash as a mode of payment for the SAT test price. Instead credit cards, checks, bank drafts and international money orders are the acceptable way to pay for the SAT. For international students the College Board has made a provision of UNESCO coupons as well. A strict policy of no-acceptance of non-US bank checks is followed by the College Board and it is advisable that the aspirant makes necessary requirements in case he/she is an international applicant trying to pay for the SAT test price. Usually no refunds are available with the College Board for the SAT except in the case of absenteeism or missed additional score reports. Know more about this at

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