Online Resources For SAT Preparation

Optimize Your SAT Prep Through Software

SAT is a globally recognized test for admissions to graduate programs across the United States. It tests the student in areas of critical reading, math and writing. The preparation for the test require some dedicated tools and resources. In this aspect SAT software is your best option. It has many advantages over a conventional classroom program. A good software not only improves your score but also builds some confidence in all areas of the test.

Features of Good Software

The use of SAT preparation software is very common among aspirants. This is because it has several features that make your preparation much more effective. Some of the features of a good preparation software are

  • You have a lot of flexibility in time since software is available to you 24/7.
  • It is updated every year and will contain the latest information and strategies to help you perform better.
  • They are very easy to download and use.
  • You have 24 hours online support and feedback.

Which One to Use

Once you browse the internet, you will find that preparation software aren’t difficult to find. There are hundreds of such software available on the web. The biggest problem is that all of these software providers offer very lucrative deals on their products and sometimes the situation becomes very confusing. Here are some parameters to help you decide-

  • Look at the samples that they offer. It will immediately tell you the standard of the test preparation software.
  • Read some reviews and feedback on the software.
  • Look for the ratings by other users (although this may be misleading).
  • Find out if the software is officially approved.
  • Analyze the features that it offers and whether you need them.

Good Software

There are several other good quality preparation software available. 

  • Kaplan SAT/ACT/PSAT Platinum

    It is a guide to everything you need to know, including admission information, tutoring and practice. It consists of full length tests, subject wise tests and extras like flash cards. Immediately after you finish your test it gives you complete reviews on your performance with a subject wise break up and detailed analysis.

    To help you improve your timing it also includes a few games and other such activities that make learning fun. It covers everything you need to get a perfect score in SAT. The installation is very simple and the interface is user-friendly. It has a good rating and excellent user feedback. They also offer a money back scheme if your scores do not improve.

  • Kaplan SAT/ACT/PSAT Gold

    It is very similar to the software mentioned above apart from the fact that it lacks some extra features that are included in the platinum edition. These extras include tutoring information and college admissions information. It gives you detailed analysis by question type, topic, difficulty level, time spent, technique and whether you changed a correct response to an incorrect one.

  • WordSmart SAT Prep

    This software surpasses all other preparation software in terms of vocabulary building and writing. However, it is not up to the mark in the math section. If math is your weaker section then you should try some other software. This comes with audio discussions, pronunciations, games, flash cards, sentence completion exercises, reading, writing and vocabulary building features. It is an excellent tool for students who need help in English related sections like reading and writing.

  • Academic Fitness

    This software is very helpful for students who are weak at math. Although it covers every section of SAT, math is dealt with in an excellent manner. Some major drawbacks of this software are that installation is difficult and it has some very confusing options. Although there are several tests on reading and vocabulary, very few are accessible without payment. But especially for people who are weak at mathematics, This software is recommended.

Using SAT preparation software is essential if you want to score high in SAT. This is because, the tools, resources and tutoring that you can get through software is very valuable to your preparation.