SAT Preparation Courses

Unique Points of SAT Preparation Courses

Often bombarded with hundreds of claiming to give you the best, it’s tough on candidates to have to make a choice without adequate and prior information on what the rest of the companies have to offer. Of the many preparatory courses, candidates find it difficult and insurmountable to choose a course of their choice. With every preparatory company preparatory courses, online courses are quite popular with candidates as they allow them to make use of these in their own time and are not bound to an offline classroom course meeting at a particular time every day or once a week. Having to balance their school work and SAT preparation is not an easy task, therefore candidates should very carefully pick out the courses suited to their timings and needs. Following is a review with certain unique points highlighted about a few preparatory courses candidates can benefit from.

  • Princeton Review SAT Test Prep

    One of the most exhaustive of all courses, the Princeton Review offers candidates private tutoring, local classes, online courses, small group instructions, SAT live online classes and even financial aid seminars for college admissions. The USP of these courses are that they are tailored to suit a candidate’s learning needs and because there is such a huge range to choose from it makes it easier for the candidate to pick out one from among all the preparatory courses from the Princeton Review. You too can take your pick at:

  • Ivy Bound Test Prep

    As the name suggests, Ivy Bound, intends its candidates to head straight for the Ivy League colleges. Offering flexible classes with private tutoring, small groups of classes, online phone tutoring or standard class preparation, Ivy Bound’s uniqueness lies in the fact that its instructors regularly themselves take the SAT to keep abreast of all the trends and patterns coming up in the SAT test. Have a look at their courses at:

  • Top Test Prep

    Aiding candidates to fear no test, Top Test Prep is one of the few preparatory courses that offer, as a package with their preparation courses, admission counseling to candidates who want all the help directly in one place. It is a smart approach because it saves time for the candidate who can get preparation and admissions help at the same place, because ideally the two complement each other. You can see these at:

  • Kaplan SAT Courses

    Targeted at those candidates who are comfortable shelling out a few extra dollars for their preparation, Kaplan preparatory courses although many in number, can pinch the pocket a bit. Nevertheless this in a certain way ensures the quality of the preparation provided to the candidate. Putting forth a host of wholesome courses, Kaplan provides the candidate with the entire range of services from preparation plans, practice tests, access to study materials, progress reports, customized study plans, homework, admissions counseling and ultimately money-back in case you do not achieve the promised score. Purchase these wholesome preparatory courses at:

  • Elite Test Prep

    Being in the business of test preparation for over two decades, Elite Educational Institute’s SAT test preparation courses are trusted by many. Having had nearly 25 of their students score a perfect 2400 in the past year surely lends them an edge over other preparatory courses, merely for the reason that their results speak of their rigorous training. Offering both regular and intense preparation, you can have a look at Elite’s preparatory courses at:

  • The Official SAT Online Course

    What better way to prepare for the SAT than to rely on the official test makers themselves? The Official SAT online preparation course, put forth by the College Board, offers candidates a host of services ranging from interactive lessons, practice tests, practice questions, automated essay scoring and detailed answer explanations. The best bit about this course is probably its price, being just under $70, it is a course no student should fail to use, so buy it at: