SAT test preparation refers to all the efforts you put in, in order to appear for the test confidently and obtain the desired score. Preparation for any test includes all the skills required for appearing in the test. This means that the preparation does not only mean learning your lessons well, but also understanding the test, the reason behind the test, the pattern and types of questions, and ways to handle them. SAT test preparation should be done keeping all these details in mind.

Preparation of a test is specific to it to some extent. SAT test preparation is also specific. You cannot form rules that you can use in each and every test. All tests are different. Thus SAT test preparation cannot be done in the same manner as for any other test. For SAT test preparation you should know the test well.


SAT test preparation can begin in the right direction only if you know enough about the test. SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test that is taken by students to get admission in a college in US. Based on your performance in SAT you get a score. For the purpose of admission, the colleges take into consideration your score in SAT. Thus in order to get admission in a good college you need to get the best score you can. For this you must prepare for SAT with the best possible efforts.

SAT is classified into SAT-I and SAT-II. SAT-I is a general test of reading, writing and mathematics whereas SAT-II is a test of subjects. Generally SAT refers to SAT-I. For the purpose of admission in most of the colleges, your score in SAT-I is enough. Thus you need to concentrate on SAT test preparation so that you are able to achieve your predefined goals.


If you know the pattern of SAT, the SAT test preparation becomes easier for you. Once you know this, you can start with SAT test preparation without wasting time over wondering how to prepare.

SAT is a 3 hour and 45 minutes long test that is divided into three main sections. The three sections are: Writing section, Critical Reading and Mathematics section. Each of these sections is further divided into three parts. Apart from this there is a 4th section that is the experimental section and could be similar to any of the previous sections, but it is not scored in the final result. However it is not known which the experimental section is, thus you need to give equal importance to all the four sections.


The writing section consists of essay writing questions as well as multiple-choice questions. To attempt this section you need to have good expression and language. It tests your ability to understand and apply your knowledge.

Essay Writing

SAT test preparation for essay requires you to know how the essay is to be written. The skills required for writing an essay are the same as you have been practicing in your lower grades. You can look for sample essays or you can just pick up a topic and let your thoughts flow. Keep writing your thoughts in an organized manner giving examples, explaining your thoughts and giving logical reasons for them. The essay-writing question in SAT is a set of statements expressing a particular thought. It is not necessary that you agree with it completely. You can disagree with the topic and give reasons for the way you think. For SAT test preparation of essays, you could also read the solved and scored essays that are given to you on the official web site. The web site also explains the reasons for the score that the essay deserved. This will give you an idea of how your essay should be written.

Multiple Choice Questions

The multiple-choice questions in the writing section are of three types; improving sentence, improving paragraph and identifying sentence errors. In your SAT test preparation you must include brushing up your knowledge of tenses, nouns, pronouns, verbs, subject-verb agreement, sentence formation etc. So basically you need to polish up your grammar completely. Only then will you be able to identify errors in sentences and paragraphs. Also since these are multiple-choice questions, you cannot resort to cramming for answering them during SAT test preparation.


This section includes multiple-choice questions based on sentence completion and passage-based reading. Your understanding of the written material is put to test here. Your SAT test preparation of grammar will again be useful for this section. So the good thing is that when you revise your grammar for one section, it automatically prepares you for other sections also. You don't have to prepare for it separately. But what you do need to do separately is the solving of sample questions of this section. This will tell you the types of questions asked in the section. Once you know this it will help you understand the questions and also give you practice.

For this section you need to have a strong vocabulary, good enough to understand the passages and sentences given in the question. You can look of practice tests to find out the difficulty level. If you are not able to solve the vocabulary questions you need to work in this area. You must start reading newspapers, books, magazines etc. You must read something daily and underline the difficult words. Then look up the meanings and try to memorize them. Then again read the portion where you read those words. This way you can increase your vocabulary to a great extent.


In the section of mathematics, you are asked multiple choice questions and questions based on student generated responses. SAT test preparation for mathematics requires not just reading the questions and looking at the solved examples, but you need to solve each question yourself. So the best thing is to find out the answer on your own and later see the solved example. As you practice, you will increase your speed and mathematical skill.

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