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Must-have SAT Prep Software

Preparing for the SAT is not an easy task. You have to be thorough with the contents tested in the SAT as well as the test strategies in order to score well in the SAT. If you like to study independently, SAT test prep software is just the right thing for you. They provide you with the complete flexibility to prepare on your own whenever and wherever you want to. With a SAT test prep software you can study while you are on the move. All you have to do is carry your laptop or your PDA with you. There are many SAT test prep software available in the market and it is a good idea to research well before you decide to buy one. The following are some of the most popular SAT test prep software:

  • SAT/ACT/PSAT Platinum:

    The SAT ACT PSAT Platinum test preparation software is the most popular SAT test prep software. It offers you with the following advantages:

    • Easy to use: The Platinum test prep software is easy to install and use. All you need to do is slip in the disc in your computer. The program has a comprehensive help menu to guide you through the entire contents of the CD.
    • Features: The prep software has impressive features including full-length tests, section-wise tests, math-only tests, essays for practice and tutorials.
    • Reviews: A test is promptly reviewed as soon as it is finished so that you know your scores and answers you got wrong.
    • Flashcards and Games: The software has innovative techniques such as flashcards to help you enhance your vocabulary and games to review certain topics.
    • Content: The content is comprehensive and covers all sections of the SAT and subject tests as well as PSAT and ACT. Additional content can be accessed online if needed.
  • WordSmart SAT/ACT Prep Software:

    The SAT/ACT Prep Software from WordSmart is one of the most popular SAT test prep software available in the market. It covers vocabulary and writing sections comprehensively with more than a thousand definitions. It offers you with the following advantages:

    • Easy Usage: It comes as a set of CDs and is very easy to use. At first you will be prompted to take a test. The software accesses the test and guides you through the other CDs.
    • Features:Multiple choice questions and reviews, flashcards, sentence completion exercises, games are some of the features of the software. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the words as you learn them.
    • Content: Compared with the vocabulary, reading and writing, mathematics is not covered as thoroughly.
    • Support: The technical support and customer support is excellent and queries are answered promptly.
  • eKnowledge Power Prep:

    The PowerPrep from eKnowledge is considered to be one of the best SAT test prep software available. It has a personalized approach with a substantial number of tests, drills and workshops to cover all the topics of SAT. It offers you with the following advantages:

    • Ease of use: It is very simple to install except that there is no support for MAC users.
    • Features: A comprehensive number of exercises, tutorials, drills, quizzes for reading, vocabulary, algebra, geometry, mathematics are some of the features of the software.
    • Content: All content related to the SAT sections is thoroughly covered. However, there is not a lot of content related to science.
    • Support: The technical support is prompt but phone support is not toll free.

SAT test prep software can help you focus on the contents as well as provide you with plenty of practice tests. Prep software are definitely cheaper than preparation courses and can prove to be just as effective if you are oriented for home study. However, buying one does not guarantee you success unless you make equal efforts on your part seriously.

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