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How Do Test Prep Books Help

SAT test prep reviews are books or material that help you prepare for the SAT test. SAT test prep reviews are very useful when preparing for SAT because they contain information about the subjects or topics covered along with practice tests on each section. Most SAT test prep reviews include full-length practice SAT tests to acquaint you with the actual format of the SAT test. The SAT test prep reviews also include tips and strategies for answering SAT questions.

There are many SAT test prep reviews available and it can be very confusing to select the right materials. It is important that you judiciously select your SAT test prep material so that you are focused on the actual questions instead of studying unnecessarily for topics that are not part of the SAT test. Also, loading yourself with too many prep materials can hamper your time and preparation. Make sure that you invest wisely in books and other materials so that they help you prepare for the test and you remain focused on your preparation.

The Official SAT Study Guide

The Official SAT Study Guide is published by the SAT College Board group- the makers of the SAT test. It is a comprehensive book on the SAT and includes all kinds of information you will need to prepare for the SAT test. The information in the book is authentic because it is written and published by the Official SAT Board. The concepts of all the subjects or topics tested are explained well in each chapter. The book includes practice tests for each question type or concept explained as a reinforcement of your understanding of the concept. In addition, you can take the full-length test under test conditions to check your readiness for the test. However, you will need to check your scores online because the answers and explanations are available online.

In order to supplement The Official SAT Study Guide, you can download and take a printout of the full-length practice SAT test that is available on the SAT College Board website You can check your scores online and convert your raw score to the scaled score. This will help you to gauge your preparedness for the test.

Kaplan SAT Premier Program

Kaplan is an established and popular test prep company that publishes its SAT test prep reviews. The SAT Premier Program is another favourite among students preparing for the SAT test. An innovative aspect about this book is that it includes a diagnostic test at the beginning so that you can judge your level of preparedness to take the test. The book explains the SAT test format in detail so that you are familiar with the types of questions asked. The chapters are conveniently sectioned based on the topic and include a summary at the end of each chapter. You can also supplement the book with the CD-ROM, which is included in the book.

Cracking the SAT

The Cracking the SAT test prep book is published by the Princeton Review, another established test prep organization who also offer classroom and online tutorials. This book is different from other SAT test prep reviews because of its presentation of topics and the mode of explaining concepts. Innovative methods are used to explain and test concepts that are difficult to explain otherwise. The book includes tips and strategies to crack the SAT. The book also includes five full-length practice tests. The book is well-researched and it understands the reader’s perspectives, which has led to the way the book is written.

Gruber's Complete SAT Guide 2011

This is a favourite with most students preparing for SAT because of its user-friendliness and simple English. It is one of the most comprehensive books for preparing for the SAT test. It is a voluminous book that covers all the topics of the SAT test and more. For example, most SAT test prep books include a limited vocabulary list but Gruber’s includes more than 3500 words. The book contains a lot of information and is useful only if you can devote enough time to completing the book.

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