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SAT Test Prep Courses by Well-Known Companies

SAT is a standardized test conducted by College Board across various centers around the world. It essentially tests students in areas of critical reading, math and writing. Colleges across the United States consider SAT scores for admissions. SAT test prep courses are essential to give direction to your preparation. Although there is nothing to suggest that self-preparation doesn’t work, it is better that you attend a course along with your high school study.

How to Choose a Course

If you have done your research, you will be aware that there are hundreds of SAT test prep courses available in the market. Often it becomes quite confusing to choose one among them. Here are a few parameters that will help you judge-

  • Read reviews and feedbacks on the course on various websites (a single review may be biased). This will give you a clear idea about all aspects of the course.
  • Analyze the tools and resources that the course offers. The more variety of tools and courses that an institute offers the better it is. Having a number of resources at your disposal will help you a lot in your preparation.
  • Try to find out about the past results of the concerned institute. A good result certainly represents a good course.
  • Find out about the quality of tutors. Having a good tutor will make a great difference to your scores.
  • Get in touch with seniors who have scored well on SAT and inquire about their preparation strategies and the SAT test prep courses they attended.

There are several other parameters that you can consider while choosing a course. It is totally a personal decision and so you have to make a choice based on your personal convenience. Some of the famous SAT test prep courses are reviewed here.

Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan offers the most personalized way of preparation. It uses a unique tool called “Smart Track” which analyses your performance periodically and accordingly allots study plans, assignments and other preparation strategies to perform better. This will help you to grow and adapt according to your strengths and weaknesses.

This way you will go through a completely adaptive process of interactive learning sessions, tests and concept-based quizzes. Your time is saved because “Smart Track” will not give you the concepts that you have already mastered so you don’t have to start from scratch. Another feature called “Smart Reports” keeps your parents involved with your learning process. Through these reports you can analyze your performance based on subject, topic and question type. This tool sends you regular reports on all your tests.

The involvement of parents is a unique feature at Kaplan which makes you comfortable and confident. Kaplan offers a variety of online and offline courses. For more details on these, you can visit,

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is a big name in the field of SAT test prep courses. It offers a variety of courses to choose from, these include private tutoring, small group instruction, ultimate courses, classroom courses, online courses and SAT live online. This sheer variety should give you an idea that this institute is a standard one that has been producing excellent results for some time now.

Princeton also conducts seminars and guidance programs for admissions and choosing the best colleges based on your scores. Therefore, it offers a complete package in terms of preparation and admission. For more details on these courses, visit

Manhattan Review

Manhattan Review approaches SAT in a very concept-based way. This is very helpful for students who would like to work on their basics. They give some excellent feedback in a very personalized way. There are several courses to choose from, including SAT classroom, online tutoring, private tutoring etc. The private tutoring option is very useful if you need individual attention. They have an excellent staff of experienced tutors and good quality materials.

Manhattan Review also helps students with the admission process and counseling regarding colleges. These are offered as a part of a different package after SAT. Overall, it is a decent course and the cost is not too high. For more details, visit

There are several other institutes that offer good SAT test prep courses. You have to do your research well before you decide on joining any because a good course could propel you to excellent scores in SAT. So even if you have to invest a little high, try and opt for a good preparation course. All the best!!

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