SAT Preparatory Classes

How to Make the Optimum Use of Prep Classes

Test preparatory classes play an important role in guiding students towards preparing for the SAT exam. Given below is a brief introduction to some of the paramount preparatory classes for the SAT exam.

The Online Prep Course of SAT College Board

SAT exam is administered across the world by the College Board. It runs an online course which comprises online interactive lessons with experts, practice tests, hundreds of practice questions and answers with their explanations, personalized score reports, sample essays and automated essay scoring. To get information in detail one can log on to the following web page:

The Kaplan Test Prep Classes for SAT

Kaplan provides the following options for preparatory classes:

  • Private tutoring: These types of coaching classes provide customized test preparation for SAT aspirants i.e. emphasis is given on individual attention and thus, students are at great advantage. Students are delivered lectures on a topic and then assessed individually for the concepts which they grasped during the lectures.

  • Smart Track technology: Diagnostic tests of students are taken and they are evaluated through this advanced technology. Video lessons, guided practice sessions and practice tests for individual students are then arranged. Smart Track technology thus, customizes assignments and instructions based on your progress during the preparatory classes.

  • Personalized classroom: Personalized classroom comprises lessons and guided practice sessions based on individual student’s needs (as reported by the Smart Track technology). Students are sometimes grouped in classes for instructions according to their level of performance.

The Princeton Review SAT Prep Classes

This test preparatory company provides various test preparation options for SAT:

Private tutoring, Small group instruction, Ultimate courses, Classroom courses, SAT live online courses and online courses programs.

  • Private tutoring: This is a one-to-one tutoring program for students based on their needs, schedule, level of intelligence and learning style.

  • Small group instruction: Instructions are given to a group of four students who have similar level of intelligence and have similar needs and goals.

  • Ultimate courses: These courses are designed for the above average students who want to score very high in the SAT exam. Students are introduced to test taking strategies along with practice tests.

  • Classroom courses: Instructions are given to a large number of students and instructors give more attention on test taking strategies rather on the contents.

  • SAT live online course: This course is same as the classroom course but with an online setting. It provides more flexibility to students.

  • SAT online course: Instructions are given either through e-mail or via phone, and is meant for those students who want to prepare for the exam at their own pace.

To get more information one can refer to the following link:

Educational Services Center (ESC) SAT Test Prep Course

This coaching center offers classes in over hundreds of locations around New York, North Carolina, New Jersey and Florida. It has well-trained staff to teach students mainly through video conferencing technology. Teachers are also evaluated for their competence. To get information in detail one can visit the link:

How to Make the Optimum Use of SAT Test Prep Classes:

  • Various softwares are available viz the Smart Track technology with Kaplan which assess an individual student’s strengths and weaknesses, and customize preparatory courses accordingly. Thus, students spot their weaknesses and work out to overcome them.

  • From among the several test preparation options (private tutoring, small group instructions, classroom instructions, live online instructions and online course) available, you can choose the option which suits you the most.

  • In online classes, advice and help is given by the experts online. Thus, students can utilize the classes at their own place, pace and according to their schedule. This is usually beneficial for working people.

  • One can avail the preparatory classes for different time periods. For instance, a student can make a choice from among 1-3 months test preparation plan, more than 3 months plan and 1 month plan. Students can choose the plan which suits them the best.

  • Books recommended by the coaching classes are of great help. The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd edition holds thousands of practice questions along with their answers and explanations, and strategies to solve difficult questions.

Lastly, preparatory classes aim at providing valuable guidance to SAT aspirants. They are the channels, the optimum use of which leads you to your goal.