SAT Test Prep Class

Are Test Preparation Classes Important?

SAT scores help students showcase their brilliance during admissions in U.S educational institutions and successfully reach their destination in their academic pathway. With less timelines existing for exam preparation, the most sought out preparation approach is to attend an SAT test preparation class. This article discusses the importance of a SAT test preparation class and also provides some of the useful preparation classes for SAT.

Importance of SAT Test Preparation Class:

It is commonly perceived that most students have barriers with self-learning and hence require an external aid to master their lessons. Even though enormous amount of online study materials and books are available for SAT preparation, it is a tedious and tiresome task to grasp everything through self-study. One of the ways to eradicate the hurdles in learning and in taking up exams is to actively participate in a SAT test preparation class.

Training institutes conducting SAT test preparation class facilitate a better understanding of the SAT sections by means of their highly qualified staff, carefully prepared study plan and learning materials, practice sessions and tests. With experience, they would have naturally been well-acquainted with the nuances of cracking SAT. Consequently, the tips and tricks they could offer cannot be found in any study material. By actively involving in an authorised and certified SAT test preparation class, one can scale up the courage and confidence to encounter SAT and obviously, the scope of getting high scores in the exam.

SAT Test Preparation Classes:

  • Educational Services Centre (ESC):

    According to ESC’s website, ESC has over 30 years of success records in preparing students for competitive exams. With SAT preparation classes in over 100 locations around New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida, this centre guarantees excellent preparation through its experienced teachers, limited class size and dynamic teaching methods. As per the site, free extra help is also given before and after the SAT preparation class, which demonstrates its dedication in training students.

  • C2 Education:

    C2 Education promises a first-class private tutoring to prepare students for SAT, with its 110 centres in the U.S. According to, without a traditional classroom setting, SAT preparation class is carried out by giving every small attention to the students. This training centre takes pride in announcing that nine out of ten C2 students get admission in the colleges as per their first and second choice. Also, eight of their students have got enrolled into the most prestigious Harvard University. This shows the outstanding coaching they provide to their students.

    Also, C2 Education proclaims that it provides more for the money paid and steers excellence in students. For example, if a student with an initial score below 2000 does not improve his/her score at least by 10% even after following the C2 course of study, they grant an extra 10% of the study hours for free!

  • Jamboree:

    This India based training institute provides high quality SAT test preparation class for SAT aspirants through its meticulous research and professionalism. Superior instruction and exhaustive study materials are a mark of its exceptionality. As per its website, apart from making learning simple and easy, this institute also offers several value-added services such as educational loans, air-ticketing, pre-departure orientation etc. Currently, this institute has 18 centres across India. Success stories of Jamboree are at

With the SAT training institutes thriving every year, students are left to research carefully and choose the one with best teachers and teaching techniques. What matters is not just that the students make a payment for the coaching, but that they are investing valuable time in it. Hence, participating in a SAT test preparation class ought to be fruitful for the students.

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