Study Guides To Help With SAT Preparation

Are Test Prep Books Required?

Scoring well in SAT depends on how well prepared you are. Although SAT tests your skills and abilities on subject matter taught in high school and has a syllabus that is aligned to what you study in school, you might want to take additional help from books. A test preparation book is oriented towards SAT test and will provide you with valuable information regarding the test unlike your text books that focus more on the concepts. It is a good idea to follow a book when preparing for SAT.

  • Why Test Prep Books are Important

    The SAT preparation books can help you in several ways.

    • Entire content in one place: A good book will contain the entire content required for your preparation in one place. Thus, you do not need to gather information from several places. You can follow the syllabus and topics covered in the guides conveniently and delve deeper in certain topics from your text books or other resources if there is a need.
    • Instructions for SAT Test: These books contain important information and instructions related to the SAT test. They can help you to become thorough with the instructions and understand them better. This will help you to save time on the actual test and be more confident as you will not come across unknown and unfamiliar instructions.
    • Test Strategies: Guide books are strongly focused towards the test and will tell you about the test strategies that can help you solve problems correctly and quickly.
    • Practice Tests: For SAT, practice is of utmost importance. Without enough practice, you may not be able to finish the test even. Guide books provide you with practice tests along with the answers and explanations so you know where you went wrong.

    There are many SAT guides available that can help you significantly in your preparation for the test. Some of the most popular books are:

  • The Official SAT Study Guide

    The Official SAT Study Guide is created by the test designer and test makers and is a must have for all SAT aspirants. This book contains:

    • Instructions and information about how to score well in SAT test
    • 8 full-length practice tests
    • 3 sections, with varying levels of difficulty.

  • Barron's SAT 2400: Aiming for the Perfect Score

    Barron's SAT 2400: Aiming for the Perfect Score is one of the most popular preparation books available. This book has the following salient features:

    • It will help you prepare to answer the most difficult of SAT questions.
    • It aims towards making you achieve the perfect score of 2400.
    • It contains extensive vocabulary lists.
    • It contains elaborate test strategies.
    • It provides lots of practice tests.

  • Barron's Writing Workbook for the New SAT

    Barron's Writing Workbook for the New SAT is a fairly new test preparation book but has gained immense popularity in a few years. Salient features are:

    • Focuses on the Writing section of the SAT
    • Very useful for writing essays
    • Very good explanations for sentence corrections
    • Helps to improve writing skills
    • Covers Grammar extensively
    • Covers test strategies for writing section

  • Kaplan SAT Premier Program

    Kaplan SAT Premier Program is one of the most popular and renowned SAT books. Salient features of this book are:

    • Provides good study tips
    • Provides good test strategies
    • Provides extensive test analysis
    • Great number of practice questions
    • Detailed explanations for the answers
    • Full-length practice tests
    • Diagnostic tests
    • Lesson summaries at the end of every topic

It is recommended that you consider more than one book for your preparation so that you can gain from the strengths of each. In case you require more help with writing, you can consider buying a good book which covers the writing section of SAT thoroughly. With more than one book, you will get more practice and be able to prepare better.