SAT Test Prep Book

How to Select a SAT Test Prep Book

Why Do You Need a SAT Test Prep Book?

The SAT test preparation is a colossal task, in which you have to spend a considerable amount of time and energy to complete the whole SAT syllabus. A SAT test prep book makes this task simpler and concise. The prep books lets you have an insight of the SAT test and guides your way through the preparation period. You can use a SAT test prep book to know about the pattern of the SAT test, the types of questions given in the test, the best way to approach a question, the techniques to manage time and the procedure to answer, in order to score as high as possible in the test.

A SAT test prep book has many other importances too. One thing is for sure, that, it replaces the heavy schedule of the classroom courses and gives you more time to practice at home. You may have a daily tough schedule and often do not have enough time to attend the prep courses. The prep books help you in replacing the need to attend prep classes. Moreover, the prep courses are excessively expensive for the lower-income groups in the society. In this respect, buying a SAT test prep book becomes the best alternative for the SAT preparation.

How Would You Select Your SAT Test Prep Books?

Selecting a good SAT test prep book can be a little tricky. There are numerous prep books out there, which boast to provide you the same efficiency and comprehensiveness as the other books. However, you need to judge wisely the quality of the prep books. You can ask your peers or counselors about the best book to choose for SAT prep. Find out which book was rather popular and favored by test-takers of the previous years.

In addition, you have to know your study needs. Some of the prep books exclusively base themselves in particular sections of the SAT test while some differs in content. Some SAT prep books might have a dependable Math section while the others may excel in SAT vocabulary. Therefore, you have to make an informed decision before buying the correct SAT test prep book.

What Are Some of the Best SAT Test Prep Books?

The prep books for SAT have to be comprehensive and reliable. They have to be popular and should be able to fulfill your study needs. Following are some of the SAT prep books, which may be useful for you:

  1. Kaplan SAT Premier Program:

    The test takers prefer a SAT prep book, which can guarantee a sure success in the SAT and it is the Kaplan SAT Premier Program, which takes you a step further to your Goal. The cost being set at $80.03, the main features of this book are:

    1. Full-length practice tests
    2. Hundreds of practice questions with detailed explanation
    3. A CD-ROM which gives access to Kaplan Online Companion Program
    4. Mobile prep aids for your PDA or smart phone

  2. The Official SAT Study Guide:

    The most important SAT test prep book is the Official SAT Study Guide, which comes from the creators of SAT itself. This book contains official SAT test questions and comes at a price of $21.99 and it features:

    1. Ten official SAT practice papers
    2. In-depth explanation of the SAT sections
    3. A synopsis of test taking skills
    4. Sample essay prompts and essay-writing tips
    5. Exclusive access to online explanation of answers and online essay review

  3. McGraw-Hill’s SAT, 2012 edition

    The developers of the McGraw Hill’s SAT offer unique techniques for influencing your critical thinking to crack any SAT question. The techniques and procedure taught through this book, lets you solve SAT questions, on the test day, without trouble. This SAT test prep book comes at $10.87 and includes the following features:

    1. Four practice tests in and two simulated practice tests online
    2. An in-depth 10-week study plan
    3. Four full-length SAT practice tests with detailed explanation of answers

  4. Cracking the SAT, 2012

    This SAT test prep book comes from the house of Princeton Review, which gives you all the tools to master the Critical Reading, Math and Writing sections of the SAT. This is priced at $21.99 and includes the following features:

    1. Five full-length practice exams
    2. The special ‘Hit Parade’ featuring vocabulary which appeared in previous SAT tests
    3. Meticulous review of the SAT topics, which includes essay-writing techniques and a dedicated grammar chapter
    4. Reliable techniques to break down each SAT sections and loads of exhaustive prep questions to know what to expect in SAT

The above-mentioned SAT test prep books are few of the best SAT test prep books available. You can purchase them online or get them at any proper bookstores. College Board provides you the Official SAT Study Guide. Hence, without further ado, buy your test guide today and start your preparation.

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