It is a general notion that is observed in students that they develop an exam phobia. There is a feeling of fear about the exam and students are burdened to do better. As the test approaches, you can sense the tension in the air. Everything around you is centered on just one thing - taking the test. You want to do anything that can help you get a better score. But there are no short cuts to it and you have to go through the long journey of taking the test, which begins with its preparation.

SAT test prep is also a journey. It needs planning, and devotion from you. For any test it is very essential to know how important it is for you. And the value of SAT cannot be underestimated. Thus SAT test prep also cannot be ignored. SAT test prep is a process. It has to be thought over and planned. Every student is different, having different capabilities and ways. Accordingly, SAT test prep also has to be suited to the needs and capabilities of the students. However there are certain things that are common for SAT test prep. One needs to know the right way of approaching the SAT. You have to decide on a plan and then go stepwise to achieve your goals.


This can be considered the first step of SAT test prep, or for any test for that matter. You must know enough about the test. That includes the importance of the test, its benefits, its requirements and pattern. It is like homework that you have to do before taking any test. For SAT test prep you must know the motive behind the test. SAT is an entrance test that is taken in the US for admissions into the colleges across the US. There are millions of students applying for it. Thus you can not be sure of getting admission in the college of your choice and you have to compete for it.

SAT test prep requires you to know some basic things about the test. The SAT test score helps you to get admission into a desired course and a desired college. A student with a higher SAT score is preferred over another with a lower SAT score. A score of about 1850 to 2100 is considered good enough for the purpose. Once you know this you can set your aim and your SAT test prep can be done accordingly.

Before taking the test you must also gather information about the pattern of the test. During SAT test prep you must know about all the three sections and the time allotted to them. You should look up for the pattern of the test paper by going through the previous test papers. That will tell you the type and number of questions asked. Also before starting the actual SAT test prep, you must know about the curriculum of all the sections. With all this information it will be easier for you to plan your SAT test prep. You will be able to device a strategy for SAT study and also will be able to know how much time you require for it.


Registering for the test in time comes in as the next step of SAT test prep. If you have registered for the test it helps you in more ways than you think it does. Once you have registered and you have chosen a date for the test, it tells you how much time you have in your hands. That can help you to make a timetable as well as a deadline for your SAT study. Also once you have registered, only then will you get into the right mood for the test. You get into the right frame of mind only after you know about your test date and center. Thus you will be able to study with more concentration. Also if you have registered for SAT, it makes you free of the tension of getting it done later. You don't have to bother about the deadline of the registration and thus will be able to study uninterruptedly. Thus registering for the exam should not be ignored while SAT test prep is done, and once you get done with it you will realize how comfortable things turn out to be later.

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