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Where can the SAT be taken

After one decides on when he/she is going to take the SAT, the next step is to register for the exam. However, as an intermediate step, the candidate has to gather complete data on the various SAT test places and finalize the location which would suit him/her the best. SAT is administered throughout the world and the test centres are always accessible, although the SAT test places and their locations may vary depending on the test date.

SAT Code Search:

Finding out accurate information on the SAT test places is indispensable in making the right decision in the selection of the test centre. Correct and quick selection of the SAT test places would also save time and energy which could be utilized for better preparation. Performing a code search at gives the complete list of centers where the SAT would be held. The primary criteria here is ‘Search by’ which gives options such as Countries, College Majors, Colleges & Scholarships, Test Centers and High Schools. Based on the option selected, the next search criterion is framed.

Search by ‘Test Centers’:

To get the list of SAT test places, choose the ‘Search by’ dropdown as ‘Test Centers’. The details to be entered next are: Test date, Country, State and City (optional). For example, if the test date preferred is Nov 05, 2011 and the candidate resides in the United States, he can opt for the ‘State’ of his choice and click on the search button. The search now results in the list of SAT test places along with their respective codes restricted to the criteria given. Pulling out the SAT test places and their codes is thus a very less strenuous task. The search can still be optimized by providing the city. For example, if the candidate dwells in Chennai - India and wants to know his nearest SAT test places, he can provide the city name (Chennai) during the search and will be able to find the test center quite close to him, without any difficulty. The official website instructs the students registering by paper to make two choices of the test centers, the five-digit center codes of which are to be furnished on the registration form.

Changing the Test Center:

The official SAT website announces the following with respect to changing the test center:

  • It is possible to change the test center only up to two and a half weeks before the test day. For international students, it is three weeks.
  • Changes can be made online or by calling customer service. SAT Customer Service – Domestic: (866) 756-7346; International: (212) 713-7789.
  • An additional fee is to be paid for change in the test center, for which a credit card is necessary.
  • If the deadline for the test center is missed for obvious causes, the candidates can still go to the center of their choice. After explaining the reasons they will be admitted, provided the seats are not filled in that center. The change fee will be billed later and the scores will not be released until the late fee is paid.
  • In case any of the test centers is about to be closed due to unexpected reasons, it will be reported to the local media and the notification will also be updated in the Test Centre Closings page. If a test centre is closed, a make-up test will be scheduled. Make-up test can be taken only at the centre for which the candidate has registered. And no change in the test type is allowed in this case.

Reference Links for Test Center Changes:

It is observed that the allotment of SAT test places is purely based on seat availability. Therefore, appropriate planning and opting for early registration is the only approach to avoid last-minute anxiety.

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