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SAT Online Registration Essentials

SAT tests have become familiar among those students who are interested to pursue college studies in the United States. There are several myths about SAT exam and the procedures that are required to be completed before one appears for this test. This is not true however. Contrary to all myths, SAT test or the formalities are not complicated at all. Now, the question is how to complete the registration procedure of SAT. SAT test online registration is one of the most simple and effective methods to register for this exam. But the students must have proper understanding of the online registration process at first. The greatest benefit of online registration process is that the students get a confirmation of their registration almost immediately.

Online Registration and SAT Test Dates and Deadlines for US students

The SAT test online registration is faster than the other modes of registration. This procedure can be completed at the official website According to the norms of SAT test online registration; the students should select the date of the test at first and then register themselves for SAT. The registration process should be completed in advance so that the students are able to avoid any difficulties such as paying late fees. For the SAT test to be held on January 28, 2012, the students of US are expected to complete their registration process by December 30, 2011. The deadline for late registration is January 13, 2012 and the changes related to test type, centre or date should be completed by January 11.

Online Registration Process: Essentials

As far as SAT test online registration is concerned the students should note the following:

  • The test dates should be chosen by the students before registration and this should be done appropriately so that they are left with enough time for preparation.
  • The online registration process should be done through the official website
  • Thereafter, the SAT test online registration can be completed by creating a free account in the official website mentioned above.
  • SAT test codes or College Board codes are required for registration and the students can select the codes while registering online.
  • The fees for online registration should be paid by credit card such as Master Card, Discover, Visa or American Express. However, online registration is not accepted for countries like Cameroon, Togo, Ghana, Benin, Kenya and Nigeria.
  • The fees for registration are $49. Fee waivers are offered to American nationals and those of Puerto Rico, who are unable to afford the fees for the test. The international students are not entitled to fee waivers.
  • For the online registration process of SAT subject tests, the students are required to pay $22 as basic subject test fee along with $11 for each test (for all the subjects) .
  • For the registration of Language and Listening tests, the students should pay $22 dollar for each test.
  • The students of India and Pakistan can also register online but they are supposed to pay an additional security surcharge. However, they cannot access a test centre near the house or avail the facility of Sunday testing.

Advantages of Online Registration

Through the process of SAT test online registration, the students can expect to get the following advantages:

  • They can get a copy of their admission ticket that will be required on the day of the test.
  • The students get an instant confirmation of their registration along with the test locations and centres.
  • The online registration process operates 24*7 and the students get an opportunity to rectify in case of any mistakes in the selection of test centre and location or errors in the admission tickets.

Deadlines of Registration for International Students

For international students, the SAT test online registration deadlines differ from those of US. While the deadline for the SAT tests to be held on January 28 2012 expires on December 20, 2011 when carried out through a representative andthe regular registration deadline exists till December 30, 2011. As the international students cannot register late, they should complete the SAT test online registration procedures within the designated time. The test date of November (November 5, 2011) has coincided with a religious observation of Muslims. Due to this, the students of some countries (the list is available in the official website will take the test on November 19, 2011. If a student is unable to take the test on November 19, they can contact the College Board for a future date ( Registration for SAT is one of the most vital procedures to be carried out, before taking the tests and those appearing for SAT should understand the process and complete them within the specific dates and deadlines.

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