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Invaluable Free Test Prep Materials for SAT and Some Useful Books

To ace SAT, you need to prepare well. While learning the concepts is of utmost importance, it is not enough. You must orient your preparation towards SAT and learn the intricacies of the test in order to score high. Remember that no preparation is complete without practice. Both books and test prep materials offer you a good number of practice tests and questions. There are many useful SAT preparation guides and SAT test materials available that can help you to prepare.

How to Choose the Best Test Prep Materials and Books:

Any internet search engine will throw up pages after pages of information regarding SAT test materials many of which are available for download for free. Considering that you just began to look for prep materials and guides, it is not an easy task to make the right choice. Buying a guide will cost you several dollars and you would not want to spend money on something you may not find useful. SAT test materials may be more easily available, but they will cost you too, in terms of time. So the unavoidable question arises – how to choose the best? 

  • Check for the source: The very first thing you should do is to check for the publisher, website or test prep institution offering the prep book or prep materials. Go for the one by a renowned and reputed test prep company.
  • Check for content: Flip through the materials to check if they cover the important topics and focus on selected topics that you may want. For example, if you want to practice the mathematics section of SAT, look for the contents listed for the same.
  • Check for practice tests: The more you practice the better you will get. You can improve on the time you take to complete the test only through enough practice. Check if the test material has enough practice tests or questions along with answers with detailed explanations.
  • Check for tips and tricks: There are certain important tricks or test strategies that you must know. Ensure that the SAT preparation material talks about test strategies and contains useful test taking tips.

Useful Free Test Prep Materials:

There are too many websites that offer you SAT test materials for free. While some may allow you to download for free, others may charge you a small fee to access their resources. Some of the most useful SAT test materials, apart from the ones available on the official site, that you must consider are listed below: (

  • Majortests gives you a good number of practice tests which are divided into sections. Each practice test has a score card.
  • Explanations for the questions answered incorrectly are provided.  
  • There is no need to register. All material is free.
  • The questions are developed in-house by test prep professionals.

Test Prep (

  • You will be able to download a variety of SAT test materials from here such as:
    • SAT Reading Comprehension questions
    • Vocabulary learning software
    • Mathematics Test strategies
    • SAT Subject Test preparation books
    • Official SAT guides from College Board
  • PowerScore (

    • Reputed test prep company provides various materials for free such as:
      • Practice tests including, math, reading and essay writing
      • Vocabulary lists and flashcards

    Must-have Test Prep Books:

    While SAT test materials have to be searched and downloaded or viewed online, a SAT prep book provides you explanations, concepts, test taking tips and practice tests all in one place. Apart from the official SAT guides from College Board, the following are some of the most popular test prep books that you must consider.

    • Princeton Review Cracking the SAT:
      • This book focuses on the test strategies for SAT and includes full-length practice tests.
    • SAT Essay: Increase Your Score in Three Minutes a Day:
      • This book has a strong focus on grammar and provides excellent essay writing tips and practice tests.
    • The Ultimate Math Refresher:
      • This book is recommended for mathematics preparation for SAT and focuses on math problem solving skills.

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