Registering for the SAT

It is a well known fact that taking the SAT requires a great deal of preparation. However, one cannot ignore the fact that registering for the SAT also requires immense deliberation and forethought. You have to decide on the SAT test date that is suitable for you and immediately plan on registering for that particular SAT test date and a SAT test location of your choice. The SAT test locations have limited seating capacities and therefore, they fill up very quickly. Hence, if you delay registering for the SAT, then you may find yourself taking the SAT at an unsuitable SAT test location that may be very far from your home.

Domestic and International SAT Test Locations

Domestic SAT test locations are situated all across the US, US Territories and Puerto Rico. You can locate a domestic SAT test location that is nearest to your home by logging on to , which is the official web site for SAT. You can even register for the SAT online through this web site.
The official web site of the SAT provides you with a list of all the SAT test dates along with the regular registration deadlines and the late registration deadlines. In order to look for the codes of the SAT test locations in your state, you will have to click on the link for SAT test centers on this web site. Once you have chosen a suitable SAT test date from the web site, you will then be required to enter the name of the state in which you would like to take the SAT. You also have the option of entering the name of a desired city. After entering this information you will get a list of SAT locations in the state and city of your choice. You can choose the SAT test locations of your choice and note down their code numbers which will be required at the time of registration. You will be allotted SAT test locations as per their availability and therefore, registering for the SAT test well in time assumes importance because of the limited seating capacity of SAT test locations.
If you plan to take the SAT from an international SAT test location, i.e. a location not in the US, US Territories or Puerto Rico, then you will have to enter the name of your country in the web site to look for codes of SAT test locations in your country. An important aspect to be kept in mind with respect to the SAT locations is that the international SAT test locations are not available after regular registration deadlines. In other words, the late registration deadline is not applicable for students planning to take the SAT from international SAT locations.
Students who live in a place that is more than 121 kilometers from the nearest SAT test location can avail the facility of being able to take the SAT at a location closer to their home. All that they have to do is to submit a letter explaining the reason for such a request and this letter should accompany the paper registration form. Other forms of registration cannot be used by such students. However, this option may not be available for all countries.

Conduct of SAT at the SAT Location

The SAT test is conducted as per strict norms that have been laid down by the administrators of the SAT. You should be aware of the various rules and regulations to be followed while taking the test much before you set out for the SAT location on the day of the test. It will be very helpful for you if you go through the official web site in detail and update yourself on the various points to be kept in mind while taking the test. The web site also gives you a detailed list of the items that you are permitted to carry to the SAT location and the items that are not permitted to be carried inside the SAT test location. For example, you are not allowed to carry cell phones, text books or cameras into the SAT test location. It is absolutely necessary for you to carry your admission ticket, acceptable photo identification and an acceptable calculator to the SAT test location. You can check the official web site for finding out the types of calculators and photo identifications that have been labeled as acceptable as per the policies governing the conduct of SAT.

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