SAT Test Locations and Dates

How to Select SAT Test Locations and Dates

The SAT aspirants should try to acquire all information about this examination particularly about SAT test locations and dates from the official website In fact, this is the only place from where the students will be able to get correct and complete information about SAT including the preparations, procedures of registration and the system of scoring. The most convenient manner of locating the SAT test centres is to utilize the student code search e.g. the students will have to choose a particular date for the tests and then the state or the name of the country. It is important for the students to know the exact method of finding the SAT test locations and dates and accordingly they can specify the search by typing the name of a city that will help them to know about the centres or locations that are situated in the surrounding or the nearby areas. Those students who are not registering online or prefer the paper registration procedure are required to furnish the centre code of five digits in their registration form. The SAT tests are offered seven times within a year in the United States and six times in other countries but a majority of students prefer to take the tests during the spring of their junior term initially or during the fall of the senior year. Selecting SAT test locations and dates are one of the most important aspects of this examination.

SAT Test Locations and Dates: Basics

The SAT is conducted across the globe in centres that are entitled to hold the tests. However, there are differences in the capacity, categories of location and dates of the test for which they are available. The process of registration for SAT is tedious undoubtedly. The students have to first decide a date of the test and register for the same along with a suitable test location. Therefore, the registration process should be completed well in advance as not taking timely action would mean that an individual may be forced to take the test at an unsuitable location, which may not be located near the house. On the other hand, choosing proper dates is also important and one has to make up his/her mind before choosing the dates. In short, SAT test locations and dates are a key to the examination itself.

SAT Test Location and Dates: Steps for Choosing Appropriate Dates and Locations

As far as SAT test locations are concerned, they are spread across various regions in the United States and other parts of the world. The students can select or choose a particular domestic test location by logging on to the official website of SAT and it is here that the online registration process is carried out. Since it is important to have a proper selection of SAT test locations and dates, the students can also get access to all the dates on which the tests are to be held along with the deadlines of the registration. For choosing the codes of the test locations, the students are supposed to click on the link that is provided on the official website about the test locations. After the selection of the SAT test date, one is supposed to choose the location from where he/she desires to opt for the examination. In short, the students must take necessary actions for the selection of SAT test location and dates to avoid any interruptions on the final day of the test. After entering the desired location for taking SAT, the website will provide the details or the list of the locations for taking the test. The students can then decide on the SAT test location and keep a note of the code number that will be required at the time of registration.


The locations for SAT are assigned on the basis of availability and this is reason enough for the students to complete the registration process within time to avoid getting into the hassles of not getting a suitable test location because of restricted capacities. Those students who are taking the test from an international location should not consider late registration because they are not going to have access to convenient test locations. In other words, the international students are not allowed to register late for the SAT. It is therefore very important for the students to understand the importance of SAT test locations and dates for taking this examination.

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