SAT Test Locations 2012

Where Can You Test in 2012

The SAT test is conducted worldwide throughout the year at a number of locations. Large numbers of students around the world take the test to make college applications in the USA. Test takers are allotted with testing centers at the time of registration. However if a test taker should find the location inconvenient he may choose to change it at an additional fee. The SAT test locations for 2012 can be found according to the SAT test dates for 2012. A registration schedule can be found on the Official SAT website and testing dates for the year 2012 can be chosen from there. To know the SAT testing schedule visit Dates are prescribed for testing within the USA and its territories and for testing internationally.

Registrations Guidelines for 2012

Registrations for the SAT test are usually done four weeks prior to the testing date. The SAT registration schedule for the USA shows 28th of January, 2012 as the first testing date for the year 2012. The 30th of December, 2011 is the last date for regular registrations. The first international testing date for 2012 is the 28th of January. Early registrations should be made by test takers taking the test internationally. Test takers that are local to the testing nation can register by the regular deadline. The early registrations for the test on 28th of January, 2011 should be made by 20th of December, 2011 and regular registrations should be made by the 30th of December latest. To read a list of other testing dates for the SAT test 2012 visit Paper registrations require the test taker to provide center codes as per their preferences for testing centers. Also if you wish to look for SAT test locations 2012 you can use the student code search. It enables a student to view the codes for a list of local testing centers. You can even refine the search to view test centers across your city. To view a list of SAT test locations 2012 just pick your desired testing date and search for the testing center by filling in the required credentials at Test locations for following years such as 2013 can also be found in a similar way.

Charges and Fees for Testing

The fee for the test differs depending upon your choice of SAT test locations 2012. The SAT test costs $49 across the USA and its territories. An international processing fee of $29 is chargeable for those testing outside the USA and its territories. If India or Pakistan is one of your choices of SAT test locations 2012 you will be charged yet another $24. The College Board also provides other added services for test takers like Student-Answer-Service or Question-and Answer Service, scores over the phone, changes to testing dates and centers as well as requests for additional score reports. The services come at a fee. While you are searching for information about SAT test locations 2012 you should visit

Points to help registrations for one of the SAT test locations 2012 easily

  • A SAT Fee Waiver is available to the citizens of the United States of America and its territories. American citizens that pick international SAT test locations 2012 as their testing location are also eligible for a SAT fee waiver. To read about waivers visit
  • There are various modes of registering for one of the SAT test locations 2012 such as online, by mail or via the phone. However there are some exceptions: Phone registrations can only be made by those that are re-taking the SAT test. Mail registrations are to be made by test takers from Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Togo. Also those requesting for Sunday testing for the first time, those younger than 13 years and those wishing to pay by check or money order should also make mail registrations. To register for SAT test visit
  • If you wish to pick March SAT testing locations 2012 you should know that the test is not administered outside the USA and its territories. Also there is no late registration for international testing.

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