SAT Test Location

Things to Consider Before You Find Your SAT Test Location

SAT is the entrance test that you would have to clear to apply to colleges and universities in the US for further studies. SAT is a widely accepted test by the universities of the US. It is accepted by more than 5800 colleges in US. SAT is administered worldwide and can be taken by a student hailing from any country. SAT is administered by the College Board. The College Board has designed very effective methods for registering for the SAT tests. You can know everything about the SAT from the official website of the College Board.

SAT Testing

SAT is offered six times internationally excepting US and seven times in the US. SAT is offered in a paper based format. SAT comprises of SAT Reasoning Test and 20 SAT Subject Tests. Out of the 20 SAT Subject Tests, you can select the tests that you would like to take or select those tests that are recommended by the college you wish to apply to. The SAT Reasoning Test is a three-hour and forty-five-minute test whereas the Subject Tests are timed for one hour each. SAT is administered in different locations worldwide. You may select the SAT test location that is closest to you for testing.

Things to Consider for SAT Test Location

You must consider some important factors pertaining to the SAT test location prior to selecting your SAT test location. Mentioned below are some important points to be taken into consideration.

  • You must first decide the date on which you want to take the test. Test date selection is important because, not all the test centers might be open on all the testing dates. So, there might be a chance that the nearest test center to you might not be available to you on the test date you may choose. So, carefully plan keeping in view both the test date and the test center.
  • Students from US might not encounter much problem in locating the nearest center. But students outside of US must take keen interest in knowing about the test center feasibility for them in their country.
  • You can find locate a test center that is closest to you using an interactive feature provided by the College Board in their website at the following link:
  • It is termed as Student Code Search where in you can select the type of search you want from the ‘Search by’ dropdown.
  • Then you can proceed further by selecting the appropriate details like your country, state, city to get the information regarding the nearest test center that is available to you.
  • Also, there are code list pdf files available on the official website of the College Board which consists of information regarding all the SAT test location centers. Both the test centers in the US and outside of the US are listed separately.
  • The students hailing from the US can visit the following link to know about the nearest SAT test location available from the list of all the available ones.
  • The students hailing from all the other countries can visit the following link to find the SAT test location that is nearest to them.
  • In both the above files, you can find all the test centers that participate in SAT testing and you can observe that each of them is assigned a unique code.
  • This code is very important while you apply for colleges.
  • Moreover, the respective college and the scholarship program codes are also made available for you to know.
  • For the international code list edition, you can also find the country codes.
  • The second page of each of the above files gives you instructions of how to use these codes.
  • You must observe the SAT test location of your choice keenly. Adjacent to every SAT test location, you will be indicated with a dot which specifies the availability of that particular test center on weekdays.

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